Business videos

Studio-shot-in-pink-small-fileMy first career was in the financial sector in London. I had initially chosen to study for a psychology degree which was followed by a MBA, after which I realised I was probably unemployable and was disappointed to discover that my education hadn’t equipped me for life as an entrepreneur. I was on my third business by the age of 28, happy to be creating my own experience and working it out on a daily basis.

It was a cutting edge firm of Independent Financial Advisers to business and professional women which I built up over 18 years, from me and two staff in converted piano practise rooms over the Wigmore Hall, to a staff of over thirty (all women bar one) upsizing our premises four times in the process. The business became well known in the financial sector and I was a frequent contributor to the press, TV and radio. I sold it in 2004.

I had been a huge advocate of women’s empowerment (through financial independence, in the case of my business and by supporting other women working in the financial sector who were and still are a small minority). I had also observed the different culture women create in business and, afterwards, I felt compelled to distil some of my business insights into a number of short videos filmed in 2007. By then, I had realised that most things in life (and especially in business) boil down to how we handle ourselves in every situation. (More information on my biography page.) Enjoy these vignettes!

Women don’t sell

I didn’t like the idea of ‘selling’ products so I created a service-based business which sold ongoing value to our clients, which included the provision of products to fulfill this. To my surprise, I found I wasn’t the only woman that felt this. Many others that I met shared my view, which prompted this short video.

Truth in business?

This is a biggy. Is there any such thing? Who hasn’t experienced conflict in their working world? I have experienced quite a lot of it in my time which led me explore the best way of dealing with it personally which proved to be a life-saver!

Standing out from the crowd

Could this be one of the ‘secret ingredients’ to business success? It’s something that’s easy to recognise in others but how do we do it ourselves? Here are my thoughts.

Good ideas

It goes without saying that a successful business is, amongst other things, based on good idea that is timely. But where do good ideas come from? But where do good ideas come from? I share my experience with you.

Surround yourself with the right people

I have learned through experience, the value of surrounding yourself with the right people in business and the perils of doing the reverse. It sounds obvious enough but what difference does it really make?

The best you can be

I have also endeavoured to be the best I can be in whatever I have done in life and continue to do so. In this video, I give three examples of how to set yourself up for success….in public speaking, decision-making and dealing with an action-packed working day.

The power of change

The one constant in life is change and my life has featured a lot of it! However, the process of change can be scary. How do you recognise it and reduce the fear?

What is instinct?

Instinct is another ‘secret ingredient’ in the formula for success, yet conventional education values and trains intellect above all else. What does instinct feel like and why is it so vital?

Working excessively

This is easy to do and can become addictive but, as I have found, it can be counter-productive and doesn’t lead to happiness. Stepping off the treadmill to find a better balance makes for a far more rewarding life.

Does success equal happiness?

What is success and does it make you happy? This is a question I grappled with for years and concluded it’s both personal and difficult to define.


….Interestingly, fast forward 10 years and I am still working on many of these themes which now feature in the podcasts on this site!