Join me in my rewilding adventure in the heart of Wales, surrounded by all things natural. Animals, life and times, mother nature and the wild Welsh weather feature in my story which is frequently challenging, often amusing and invariably insightful (to me, at any rate)! You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive notifications of videos as they are published, as not all videos appear on this page. Daily updates of my life and times and photos are on Facebook.


I am a big fan of skipping which is one of my core fitness sessions each week. It works the heart, lungs and muscles – especially the core which is great for riding. However, it requires a surprising amount of co-ordination and technique which I explain in this session. I had planned to do 1600 skips but due to a miscount (I never was very good at maths), I added another 300 just for good measure!

Play time!

‘Madame La Piplette’ (Pip) has her freedom for the first time in 10 days due to arctic weather and makes the most of the white stuff in the turn out arena with some impressive acrobatics!

Interview with Ingrid Auer

I have never been one for convention! In this interview I talk about the things I hold dear in life, my guiding philosophies and spiritual perspective. Are you sitting down?


Harrowing times!

My turnout and riding arenas need regular harrowing but it’s not as easy as it sounds and taxes the grey matter as well as my muscle power!

Nooky and other cat mischief!

Cats on the yard are omnipresent, even during filming. Whilst making one video, house cat Bryngywn and his feral ‘wife’ Elizabeth made an unscheduled appearance and continued their love affair afterwards too!

Running Wild

Running in the rugged Welsh hills is no ordinary training experience. The weather is extreme and can change very quickly though the scenery is always stunning. On this particular day the sun was shining and I had a surreal sensation of melding with the scenery and the elements.

Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Talisman is six months into his re-training after a career in endurance. Fiona decides to re-focus on the basics to ensure his work is consistent. Having simplified his bitting arrangements too, the aim is for a consistent contact, good rhythm and correct transitions. Talisman’s excitable nature is a challenge but progress is made and ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’!

Landscape of the Soul

Living in the midst of exquisite landscape is like a meditation at times, prompting a profound connection with all that there is.

Tigger ‘Take 2’!

On an horrid day in sub zero temperatures and driving sleet, Fiona and Talisman continue jumping training in a bid to find another job for Talisman, after a career in endurance. Talisman is in his usual bouncy form but this time the emphasis is on fewer jumps and more height. Funny how the hardest bit is getting to that pesky pole!

Jumping for joy!

A fun little clip from a jumping session with Talisman on the joys of training alone. Jumping for joy? Oh yes, in between the ‘grunt’ work!


Humans and horses alike have rituals…..

Bouncing like Tigger!

In a brief let-up during serial snowfalls in Wales, Fiona continues re-training ex-endurance horse Talisman, who is learning to jump. After working in, the pair negotiate a grid and bounce their way to happiness!

A bird in the hand…

Pesky pheasants cause havoc for me and the horses, so I hatched a plan to remove them from my land. Scary!

Altercation with the Field Shelter

I took the plunge and bought a field shelter with the idea of having the horses out 24/7 for a few months of the year and creating less work for me. It’s mobile (sort of) which means I can drag it around with the car. A great plan but why is it that few things in life as are as straightforward as they seem?

Bomb on a lunge!

Let me introduce you to the luscious Talisman El Nefous. I completely adore this horse. He’s the best athlete in any discipline I have ever owned (or ridden, for that matter) and my first ever grey horse! He’s intelligent, razor sharp (OK, he’s an arab!), has a GSOH and loves to buck! In this video, I planned to show you how well is working on the lunge now and some lunge-jumping BUT……………..that wasn’t what Talisman had in mind! Talisman is bred for endurance and we are aiming to represent GB – eventually!

Home Sweet Home!

I am convinced this property found me! I wasn’t looking in mid Wales, I didn’t know anyone in that neck of the woods and I had never been there! Nor was I looking for an ancient homestead as I had renovated one in the past and swore I would never do it again! But I fell in love with it and here I am. So, let me show you around…