Join me in my rewilding adventure in the heart of Wales, close to all things natural. Animals, life and times, mother nature and wild Welsh weather feature in my story which is frequently challenging, often amusing and invariably insightful (to me, at any rate)! To receive notifications each time I post a new video, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Altercation with the Field Shelter

I took the plunge and bought a field shelter with the idea of having the horses out 24/7 for a few months of the year and creating less work for me. It’s mobile (sort of) which means I can drag it around with the car. A great plan but why is it that few things in life as are as straightforward as they seem?

Bomb on a lunge!

Let me introduce you to the luscious Talisman El Nefous. I completely adore this horse. He’s the best athlete in any discipline I have ever owned (or ridden, for that matter) and my first ever grey horse! He’s intelligent, razor sharp (OK, he’s an arab!), has a GSOH and loves to buck! In this video, I planned to show you how well is working on the lunge now and some lunge-jumping BUT……………..that wasn’t what Talisman had in mind! Talisman is bred for endurance and we are aiming to represent GB – eventually!

Home Sweet Home!

I am convinced this property found me! I wasn’t looking in mid Wales, I didn’t know anyone in that neck of the woods and I had never been there! Nor was I looking for an ancient homestead as I had renovated one in the past and swore I would never do it again! But I fell in love with it and here I am. So, let me show you around…