Pics of my furry friends, life and times and ‘mother earth’ who provides the multi-sensory, ever-changing art which surrounds me which is omnipotent, nurturing, loving, wise and treacherous! (Click on the pictures below to view the galleries.)


Horses – I have competed in the sport of endurance for the last few years. Tes Ezraa (the chestnut) was my first endurance horse. I trained him from scratch and he competed at international level with placings at 1* (80K) and 2* (120K). Talisman El Nefous was imported from France as an Advanced 8 yr old (though slightly troubled). After re-training, he has turned into the ultimate athlete. He was placed at 2* level in 2017 and is now turning his talents to other things!



Cats – Love of my life Bryngwyn (left, who was a rescue cat) is the personification of a much beloved horse, cat and dog I lost just before I moved to Wales; he has the personality traits of all three and is my constant companion, supervisor and personal trainer. Elizabeth Aarion (right) is his feral ‘wife’ and lives in a barn on the yard. Ethel May and her three children Myfanwy, Blodwyn and Gwendoline live in another barn. All were named after past residents of my property. My place has become ‘cat central’!


Home and Wild Wales

Home and Wild Wales – It’s magical! The valley seems to have its own weather system which constantly changes and is living art as you will see from the photos. I strive to capture the beauty as I am out and about each day which makes me constantly aware of it. The property is an ancient farmstead, not at all what I was looking for but I fell in love with it and though it’s still a work in progress,  I feel totally at home here!



Fiona – Me! In the various guises I inhabit working with the horses, tending the land and doing battle with the weather!