Here are a few thoughts to cogitate on. Some are based on my personal experience, others I came across and were powerful for me at the time:

Speak your affirmations out loud. It’s much more powerful than thinking them. Better still, when no-one’s home run around shouting them at the top of your voice!

Make your affirmations present tense. Then it sounds like you already have, or are the things you are affirming. For example, “I am healed”, “I am abundant”, “I have all the support I need”, “I am loved.” Hold onto the feeling, embellish it, fantasise about it, make it real in your imagination and your emotions, in order to energise it into your reality.

Express gratitude (to whatever) every time something works out. It’s a way of asking that ‘invisible helping hand’ to guide you through your instinct, towards more great outcomes.

Strong expectation is a very powerful tool so put it to good use. Project positive expectations to bring things you want into your life. If negative thoughts creep in, replace them with positive ones, or distract yourself with something completely different.

Talk to the cells of your body. They respond to your thoughts so make sure you give them positive instructions!

Consciousness is king! Notice how often you think negatively. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones and refrain from making judgments, which will give you more peace and balance in your life.

Spiritual guidance is synchronistic. Watch out for ‘co-incidences’ and celebrate them when they occur.

Compassion is the key to evolution. For yourself, others and humanity.

Self-worth. Once you have this, your life begins!

Video Musings

These were filmed in 2007 after I sold my London-based financial planning business. They were made for my new venture Diva-Biz (a business women’s video website) which interviewed leading business women, both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, who were all running sizeable organisations at the time and which showed women’s leadership style and business cultures. The website is no longer online but the following are some brief insights from a number of women who were interviewed. I also recorded some of my own thoughts. As they were filmed such a long time ago (when web video was in its early days), the quality isn’t marvellous but I feel the content remains powerful, relevant and inspiring.


Fiona’s Musings


Guest’s Musings