Here are a few thoughts to cogitate on. Some are based on my personal experience, others I came across and were very meaningful concepts for me at the time:

Speak your affirmations out loud. It’s much more powerful than thinking them. Better still, when no-one’s home run around shouting them at the top of your voice!

Make your affirmations present tense. Then it sounds like you already have, or are, the things you are affirming. For example, “I am healed”, “I am abundant”, “I have all the support I need”, “I am loved.” Hold onto the feeling, embellish it, fantasise about it, make it real in your imagination and your emotions in order to manifest it in your reality.

Express gratitude every time something works out. It’s a way of asking the ‘invisible helping hand’ to guide you, through your instinct, towards more great outcomes.

Strong expectation is a very powerful tool, so put it to good use. Project positive expectations to bring the things you want into your life. If negative thoughts creep in, replace them with positive ones, or distract yourself with something completely different.

Talk to the cells of your body. They have intelligence and respond to your thoughts so make sure you give them positive instructions! For instance, to heal yourself, to be energised, to be rejuvinated in the time you have available sleep, to youth (instead of the default which is to age).

Consciousness is king! Notice how often you think negatively. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones and refrain from making judgments. This is a big step towards bringing more peace and balance in your life. Negative thoughts are fear-based. Strong expectation is a powerful tool whether its positive or negative. So, once you are aware of what you think you have a choice to change. Also, give your health positive instructions. The cells of your body have consciousness and respond to thought.

Spiritual guidance is synchronistic. Watch out for ‘co-incidences’ and celebrate them when they occur. This will engage an ‘invisible helping hand’ to guide you (through you instinct) towards even more positive outcomes.

Compassion is the key to evolution – for ourselves, for others and humanity.

Self-worth….once you have this, your life truly begins. Lack of self-worth is at the root of most issues for most people.

You are not alone! You don’t have to be struggling with a situation to ask for ‘divine intervention’. But you do have to ask. Then be patient, stay balanced and wait for intuition and synchronicity to guide you to a solution. Timing is key. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by getting impatient (this is a form of negativity). Things may well happen like a row of dominoes when everything is lined up.

We don’t know what we don’t know! Stay open to solutions in your life which are out of your experience and beyond your imagination.

Being true to ourselves in private or with a select few is not enough. Find the courage to show the world who you really are. Then you will inspire others to do the same and create a more authentic world for everyone.

How great is it to be able to be cross the boundaries of expected behaviour and use both male and female energy to do whatever needs to be done, whether it’s considered male or female activity. That’s not to say you can be the personification of your sex when you want to. Have your cake and eat it!

I apply the idea of time-efficiency to my fitness training as well as to my life in general. I tell my body (out loud) that ‘we’ (my body and I) will get double / triple / quadruple the  benefit from the session. I apply the same principle to my horse’s fitness!

I aim for increasing moments of poetry with my physical training. For me, this means being at one with my body, the terrain, the elements and my horse too when I am riding, and losing awareness of the boundaries between me and everything else. Moments of poetry arise, like a meditation – it’s addictive and everything feels effortless.

Every sunset is unique and often exquisite and this got me musing. It occurred to me that, just like the sunset, we are never the same – we change moment by moment moving through a kaleidoscope of infinite variety. At our core though, we too are magnificent whether or not we chose to know this or show it.

The full moon prompted more on this theme. On marvelling it’s perfection and brilliance, I realised that as the moon progresses through it’s cycle, we see only see parts of it. But of course, it’s still entire. Similarly, only part of who we really may be visible at any time – the rest is obscured by the clouds of life. But, in rare moments, when we shine our light bright and there is no obscurity, then like the moon, we are radiant and mesmerising and have a powerful and positive effect on the world around us.

If there is a spark of divinity (the creative source, God – call it what you will) in me and in everyone and everything, then I must be in everything and everything is in me. There’s a thought to ponder. True oneness. This idea has the power to change our world…

You have to be it in order to have it.

Every act is an act of self-definition. Everything you think, say and do declares ‘this is who I am’. The question is ‘is this who I choose to be?’

You cannot be joyful about where you are and not get to where you want to be. You cannot get to where you want to be and be frustrated about where you are.

And finally, a thought arising from the chaos of Covid 19 in 2020. Perhaps shaking hands will go out of fashion and another form of greeting will replace it. What if that was the Namaste greeting (‘The God in me greets the God in you’) or a hand on the heart centre from the Sufi and shamanic traditions? These have such gentle and compassionate energy, yet the power to transform and perhaps change the tone of the transactions that follow.

Other Musings

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