My life-long ambition has been, is and will always be, to be the best I can possibly be and offer inspiration for others to do the same. I continually fall short (obviously – it’s part of the human condition) but on the plus side, I am finally happy and though I don’t have all the solutions in my life yet, I know they are coming which gives me peace of mind.

Through mentoring, I help others to find solutions in their lives. In turn, I know they will inspire their friends, colleagues and family so, little by little, we play our part in changing the world in which we live.

My approach is ‘psycho-spiritual’, I think of mentoring as ‘food for the soul’. As a psychology graduate, I was fascinated by human behaviour, though later in life, I realised that the ultimate relationship is the one we have with ourselves. But there is also a wider context for understanding our life and times and that’s a spiritual one. My brand of mentoring uses my knowledge and experience of human behaviour and business, coupled with an ability to tune in and get to the root of things!


1. £75 covers a remote mentoring session of around 45-60 minutes. Follow-up support is available, if required.

2. If you can’t afford to pay but feel mentoring could be life-changing for you, I can consider offering free mentoring for special cases.

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