My life-long ambition has been, is and will always be, to be the best I can be and inspire others to do the same. I continually fall short (obviously – it’s part of the human condition) but on the plus side, I am finally happy and though I don’t have all the solutions in my life just yet, I know they are coming which gives me peace of mind.

Through mentoring, I help others to find solutions in their lives. In turn, I know they will inspire others, so little by little, we can each play a part in changing the world we live in.

I think of mentoring as food for the soul. As a psychology graduate, I was fascinated by human behaviour, though later in life (through business and sport) I realised that the ultimate relationship is the one with yourself. But there is also a wider context for understanding our life and times and that’s a spiritual one. I am not talking about religion. My version of spirituality is entirely practical and is about engaging the ‘quantum’ part of you in order to be healthier, happier, more abundant, more inspired – basically, more of whatever you want, by taking control of yourself, your body and your life.

Science has recently begun exploring these quantum attributes and has already proven the power of thought, so one day, I believe there will be explanations for everything that is currently invisible, from gravity and magnetic fields to healing. My approach to mentoring combines personal and business experience, psychology, intuition and spirituality.


1. Remote mentoring via Zoom is flexible and charged according to time. £55 for three quarters of an hour, £75 for an hour and £100 for an hour and a quarter. Follow-up support is available, if required, by Zoom or messaging.

2. If you can’t afford to pay but feel mentoring could be life-changing for you, I can consider offering free mentoring for special cases.

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