Favourite Things

Stuff I love and highly recommend!

Love, love, love Ariat everything!…..from my Insulated Tek Grip gloves (the only gloves I have used for years) to the everyday Windermere yard and field boots (on my second pair now), the Coniston lace up country boots (third pair and which I use for all endurance competitions) to indoor shoes and clothing. Class, quality and design!

‘The Mobiliser’ from Back in Action

What a piece of kit! Loved by top equestrians and top athletes such as Stephen Redgrave, The Mobiliser does what it says on the can and literally mobilises your back. The manufacturer says “it’s most effective on pain that’s lasted more than six months and hasn’t responded to rest, drugs, treatment or gadgets. It’s been tested by NATO, MOD, RAF and is used in every UK military Rehab Base and has helped tens of thousands beat back pain.”

I used it daily for three months and kept a diary of the results. Having had discomfort for a number of years from a variety of injuries, I am now virtually 100% pain-free. Here is an early communication with the Back In Action team, who supported me with advice while I was using the Mobi.

“Hi guys, after a week of using the Mobi daily, I am thrilled with the results. Back pain (from an injury about 18 months ago) has all but gone, I was struggling to bend down to muck the first horse out each morning and a silly thing like bending down to stroke two cats at once really hurt. I have had a lot of different types of treatment on my back in the last few years but using the Mobi every day has made the difference as everything else has only given short term relief. Plus, a great result with sleeping, just as you said. I use the Mobi before bed as part of my wind-down routine and I find myself falling asleep on it, so I roll off it into bed and sleep has been much deeper, less interrupted and more refreshing. This is a great relief after years of poor sleep through the menopause. So thanks are due for adding quality to my life which is helping me manage an OTT outdoors lifestyle working a smallholding and training and competing at international level endurance riding age 57, when I was seriously wondering if it would be do-able. It most certainly is!”