Affirmations and how to change your life (podcast)

I have been using affirmations since I was a teenager, for just about everything in my life – affirmations for my health and well-being, to create the life I want as well as influence the weather! They are an extremely effective tool for personal transformation as they replace the old, unhelpful thoughts and beliefs that keep us ‘stuck’ in repeating experiences with new new ones which enable us to be, have and do what we truly want. As I have said before, thought has energy so be careful what you think! … More Affirmations and how to change your life (podcast)

What is spirituality? (podcast)

This is a very big question! For me, spirituality is on a spectrum from practical applications in every day life to full-blown esoteric. My spiritual journey began age 17 and has become an increasingly big part of me as time has gone on. It’s a never-ending pursuit……in this life time and others. There is nothing at all religious about it and the more I understand, the more I wast to know. It’s been the biggest source of health, happiness and peace in my life and it’s there for all of us to discover in our own unique way. … More What is spirituality? (podcast)

Talking to your food (podcast)

I’ve always thought carefully about food and nutrition, partly as a means to good health and partly because serious sport requires serious fuel. Life has been full-on in business too, with few breaks and very little sleep. So, for me, communing with my food before eating is a way of amplifying the nutritional benefits. It’s ‘quantum’ eating and here’s how I do it… … More Talking to your food (podcast)

Narrating your life (podcast)

Contrary to popular belief, you are not bonkers if you talk to yourself! I have been doing it for years. Narrating your life experience helps you notice what you think about yourself, especially through your reaction to people and situations. And if you don’t like what you think, you can change it. Thought comes before belief, which comes before action. This podcast explains all! … More Narrating your life (podcast)