Me! Fiona Price

Re-inventing myself living remotely in Wales, in love with life and sharing the adventure…

T.JPGI started out in the financial sector, having graduated with a degree in Psychology and an MBA. Unusually, the reason I did the MBA was to get to London to train with the British rowing squad. After graduating, it was a shock to find myself in the City as I was maths phobic and the only MBA graduate ever (or so I thought) who couldn’t read a balance sheet! However, it was the start of a fascinating first career providing financial advice to women, something unheard of at the time.

At 28, I set up a business which focused on this segment of the market. I also set up a non-profit financial women’s network to support the development of women in the sector, who were a very small minority, running national events and an annual award scheme. After 18 years, having accrued some 30 staff and a clutch of business women’s awards, I sold the business and had a more varied career as a non-executive director on Boards in different sectors, which gave me a new take on business.

In my heart though, I wanted to move into TV or video, as I had very much enjoyed working with the media as an ‘expert’ financial commentator over the years. Having said I would never set up my own business again, I did a volte-face and launched a video website called Diva Biz interviewing top business women, to gain an insight into their lives and female business wisdom. At the same time, I was asked to be interim MD of the fledgling Sky channel ‘Horse & Country TV’ (HCTV) to help get the business off the ground.

During this time, I conceived a vision of an equestrian video website which later became Horse Hero. So I secured private investment to start the website, after my stint at HCTV. Unfortunately, I had to admit I couldn’t run Diva Biz and Horse Hero concurrently, so I focused on Horse Hero which, at last, combined my passion for horses and my business experience.

tal-dragon-3Some 10 years later, I had made around 1000 videos of top riders and trainers working with their horses and created a subscription-based business. But it was time to move on and I wanted to share my new and different life rewilding in Wales.

I have always been a keen sportswoman, initially rowing (representing Wales in the 1986 Commonwealth Games) and then equestrianism (eventing followed by international endurance riding). Health, nutrition and spirituality are also core to my life – the latter, to me, is simply about understanding the bigger picture so I can be the best I can and help others to do the same.

If it all sounds easy, let me tell you my life has been a monumental challenge but I wouldn’t change a moment of it because it makes me who I am. With insights, realisations and the odd epiphany gained from the trauma of life, I now know that a future is possible which excludes pain, drama, worry, fear and all the negative stuff that creates issues in our lives and stops us being all we can….