A day at a time

One of the side-effects of the recent episode in the history of humanity has been an acceptance of living life one day at a time. Given we ceded our autonomy to a higher authority which has controlled our every movement (or lack of) and so much more, there has been little choice.


While stressful for many, others experienced relief from the pressures of life. No planning and a simple existence created a level playing field for a moment in time, as well as the chance to breathe and take stock. The idea of Moses leading the Israelites in circles around the desert for 40 years comes to mind. As nomads, they had no choice but to trust their daily ‘manna from heaven’ would arrive. Obviously, there will be turbulence as the world moves into a post virus era but there will also be new opportunities and we too must trust that we will find our way.


The idea of a day at a time brings me to another theme, that of abundance. We usually think of abundance as having plenty of money and possessions but just how much do we need to feel secure? Indeed, one of the greatest driving forces in our world is fear of the lack of these things. It’s is a vicious circle because if our thoughts are focused on ‘lack of’, then this is what we create. Thought has energy and it’s a powerful magnet that interacts at a quantum level with a field of potentials that the rest of humanity also engages with.


What if we redefined abundance to mean we wake up each morning knowing we will have precisely what we need for that day? And what if we expanded the definition to include an abundance of creativity, health, joy, opportunities, information etc? If we could learn to trust ourselves to provide for ourselves one day at a time and not always know in advance the ‘how and what’ of it, we would feel more balanced and more connected with our instinct which guides us to the synchronicities that create abundance. This is a virtuous circle because when we prove this is possible, we become more peaceful and abundant and fear and anxiety become a thing of the past. The ultimate relationship is the one with ourself and we are in control of so much more than we realise.


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Pics: Talisman looking pleased with himself after work; his best buddy (well, apart from me) Bryngwyn; cows at the bottom of the garden.

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