Many lifetimes in one

‘Time is speeding up’. This is how I have felt for as long as I can remember. Initially, I thought it was because of our growing connectivity through technology. Email had only just been invented when I started work, the internet was basic, most businesses didn’t have a web site, mobile phones were new and the few business people that had them needed a trolley to lug them around due to their size and weight. I was the proud owner of a fax machine which was a revolution at the time and the idea of social media wasn’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eye. But the revolution had started.

Fast forward and technology has certainly contributed to the feeling of ‘one world’ with real time news and communications across the globe. Our personal productivity is far greater as a result, so in that sense there is a feeling of time quickening though we pay the price in news overload, dramatisation and fear-mongering, a massive volume of mis-information and the absence of any gaps that may have once existed between things which allowed a moment to reflect, be aware of your feelings and remember your humanity.


But I think this changing sense of time is also part of a paradigm shift as our consciousness evolves and our awareness broadens. This shift is palpable to a growing number of people, even though it may appear that the opposite is true when you look at what’s happening in the world. In fact, our evolving consciousness is the cutting edge of investigation in quantum science. For instance, the energy of thought, the power of collective and coherent consciousness, our connection with a ‘field’ of infinite possibilities and the workings of our supposed ‘junk’ DNA (the 90% that is apparently superfluous to requirement).

At some level, we all know that this is a critical juncture for humanity (highlighted, by current events). I don’t mean in terms of survival as I feel we passed that tipping point a while ago. Rather, in terms of what we do next, how we create peace in our world and how we choose to live going forwards because its obvious our dysfunctional world must change.

So how do we reinvent ourselves and become better equipped to tackle this challenge while, at the same time find more personal peace, balance, health, abundance and everything we wish amidst the chaos of change? Actually, we must start with ourselves because change happens one person at a time. Also, because we can’t continue with our own dysfunctions either. After all, we are a microcosm of the macrocosm.

Changing the subject a little, I have always believed in the idea of multiple lifetimes, along with most of humanity (more so in the East) and I don’t think lifetimes are liner either – that’s just our construct for the 3D paradigm we live in. More likely they are in an eternal ‘now’ where past, present and future are one, though the life we are living in ‘linear time’ is the focal point, the tip of the iceberg if you like. Obviously, it’s impossible to know for sure or to get our head around the idea of how it might work because this is quantum stuff and, for most of us, quantum awareness is extremely limited or entirely absent. But I believe there is a stash of wisdom we can access from our other lives through the vortex of this one, which can help us solve problems and navigate the challenges we face. We just have to ask the highest aspect of ourselves….”Tell me what I need to know.”


So, applying the theme of reincarnation to the speeding up of time, coupled with our evolving consciousness and this important juncture humanity is at, it would make so much sense if we could ‘reincarnate’ whilst still living (at least once or twice), which would save 20 years or so each time to grow up again and have an influence in the world!

I think this has already happened to me on two previous occasions. Each time, I changed so much I struggled to recognise the person I was or remember much about the previous version of me. The first occasion was after leaving the financial world which was my initial career of 20 years and the second was during my self-imposed isolation rewilding in Wales. Each time, as I became aware of a subtle and gradual transition that was taking place, there came a point where I made a conscious decision to escalate the process.

The first time, I remember thinking ‘if I could be a totally new person, what would I be like ?’ and I wrote it all down. The process was more instinctive the second time, I could just feel the metamorphosis happening and the outer layer dropping away to reveal the new me. Each time has been challenging, as it’s easy to slip back into the old version of you, so awareness and persistence are key but the result has been utterly liberating. So profound it was, that it occurred to me it was more than just changing a few habits and in talking to others who share my wider view of life, I found that I am not alone in having had this type of experience.

Aligned with this, I believe we have much more control over our health and ageing process that we think and that the secret lies in consciously communicating with our ‘higher self’ which is the quantum aspect of our DNA – the bit that’s called ‘junk’ because its beyond 3D and, therefore, inexplicable by conventional science.

So, if we can live longer and access the wisdom of other lifetimes, maybe it is possible to ‘re-incarnate’ while still living, by intentionally creating a new version of ourselves to broaden our experience, have more to offer the world and evolve our consciousness in the process. And as we evolve, so will our world because our priorities, values, needs and wants will change.


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Pics: Top is a ‘previous incarnation’ during my first career in the financial sector in London. Bottom pic is rewilding in Wales, a very different me.

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