The wind of change

The world has been reduced to a new type of ‘ground zero’ and this brings uncertainty in almost everything, with one exception – a growing awareness that life will never be the same again. In our confinement, whilst we are adjusting to the curtailment of our civil liberties and the conflict with democracy this brings, the ‘pause button’ is prompting us to re-assess our values and lifestyles which, undoubtedly, will lead to a pruning of many things in the aftermath, both personally and at a wider level.


No doubt, some businesses will disappear and probably some industries too but maybe this will partly align with our changing values, wants and needs. In scraping clean the foundations of our world, there will be scope for new industries to emerge that not only create employment but will be more appropriate for our evolution – magnetic power and indoor vertical farms are just two. No, this isn’t science fiction, both are available now in their fledgling stages with the potential to be a massive force for good (some sources below).

Of course, it’s going to be a rocky ride for a while. But I am optimistic (as I have said before) and believe there is more to this whole episode than meets the eye. For me, it’s no less than a planetary ‘re-boot’. Whether you agree or disagree with the decisions that have been made for us, this moment in time offers an opportunity to re-invent ourselves, our lives and the world we live in like no other in history. The dysfunction in most systems across the planet from politics, to the financial world, education and health care, simply can’t continue and once we get going again and enter into an era of the unknown, thinking will be more elastic and our elected representatives will be more open to new ideas which can integrate into the old to create transformational change, in preference to the pain of cataclysmic failure and starting over.

With this in mind I decided I would contribute some new thinking. So, yesterday, I found out who my Member of Parliament is and wrote to him expressing a few ideas, initiatives and projects he might consider and champion should the opportunity arise, in the spirit of creating a better future. If you also express ideas for change in your community and the country at large, who knows what might happen. ‘Inspired action’ at a practical level coupled with ‘compassionate action’ at an energetic level (which I spoke about in my previous blog) are things we can do right now, from the comfort of our confinement.


Pic: The wind of change – weather vane on my yard.


  1. If you think my suggestion is good, please share it with your network.
  2. If you wish to write to your Member of Parliament, once you know who they are the email format is eg.
  3. Sources of information on new technologies:

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