Compassion in action

It’s extremely heartening to witness the ever increasing number of initiatives at grass roots level around the globe which demonstrate compassion in action. So many people are volunteering to help those who are self-isolated, the elderly, the vulnerable and the lonely. A palpable sense of community is emerging in communities where many didn’t even know their neighbour previously.

A while ago, I recorded a podcast called ‘How to help others using the power of thought’.  I explained how we can help those in need (whether in fear, grief, shock or pain) from a distance, by sending a wave of compassion out into the world. Using the blend of our heart and mind, this is something we can do in a few minutes from our own home. With the right intent (and in this case, focused on ‘Big V’), our compassion will go where it’s needed – to rebalance those in distress, make the situation more transparent, or inspire wisdom in the people who are making decisions for all of us. We don’t need to be specific or to understand exactly how it works but it does, as science has now proved. And if we do this as a coherent group, the power increases exponentially.


So, with a like-minded friend, I have created an invocation and recorded an audio of it. Many people are doing this invocation at 20:20 each evening in their own time zones and I invite you to join us. It began just a few days ago (not the only one of its kind) and each evening, feels more intense. When you do it, let me know what it feels like to you, or if you have any insights, images or epiphanies, as a result.

Before you begin the session, put yourself in a quiet place, sit comfortably and take a few breaths. Focus your attention in the area of the heart. Imagine your breath flowing in and out of your heart, breathing a little slower and deeper than usual. Then focus on a positive feeling such as appreciation, love, joy, or gratitude for someone or something in your life and hold for a few moments.

Read the invocation out loud with a full heart, or recite it with me on the audio. Do it twice and enjoy the beautiful union of heart and mind for a few more minutes. You can embellish with your own words or images if you choose.

Recite these words or play the audio below:

  • I am of Pure intent and I am in coherence with all those sending love to the world.

  • I send from my heart, to all regions of the Planet, love and benevolence.

  • I intend, with all my heart, that our collective consciousness creates benevolent outcomes for the highest good of all.

  • I trust, with all my heart, that this compassionate action will go where it is most needed and make a difference to our world.

So be it!


Pic: Red rose, symbol of love….

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