A moment in time

First of all, I am not going to refer to ‘it’ by it’s name as that feels like energising it, making it more powerful, giving it too much respect. I will call it ‘Big V’. Also, I am not going to add to what’s already been said, as that’s getting repetitive and, finally, I am not going to air my opinions. In fact, I would rather not talk about it at all but as it’s centre stage on the planet, it is the omnipresent conversation and cannot be avoided. So, I will do my best to offer something constructive.


Surreal as it all is (life is certainly stranger than fiction) and as real as the suffering is for those who have it, as inhumane as it is for people dying alone because of the risk of infecting family and friends and as serious as the excessive fear-based reaction which is affecting every aspect of our lives, the collective impact of this experience has the scope to change humanity forever, for the better. The whole scenario is much, much bigger than ‘Big V’.

Of course, there will be unsettling repercussions such as the impact of the massive debt incurred by governments all over the world to deal with ‘Big V’ and support their economies. But on the flip-side, I wonder about other things too. Will the enforced time at home remind us about the importance of family? Will helping those in need and who have self-isolated engender a lasting spirit of comradery in the community? Will cross party co-operation during the crisis be a step-change in politics? Will work become more flexible? Will more people take responsibility for their own health through means such as food, lifestyle, thoughts and attitudes? Will education include life skills that are life enhancing and wise? And Will the powerful vested interests in our world that are detrimental to our lives and our health become more visible?

I am upbeat, as always, about the future. ‘Big V’ has unwittingly united humanity as it affects us all and I expect this global event will prove to be a major catalyst for evolving human consciousness and our sense of connectedness.

Because of fear in the here and now, though, this is also a time for living in the moment, day by day, finding peace and balance when and where we can and using our instinct to be discerning and make the best possible decisions in our personal and professional lives. Actually, we have no choice as planning is out of the question for now. So, we must either trust or be sucked into the downward spiral of fear. I feel those of us who know how to find balance* have a responsibility to do so because our balance and peace will touch others and this is the quickest way to stop fear – one person at a time.

Balance is even more key because if we are balanced emotionally, then our cellular structure is also balanced which, by definition, cannot then be vulnerable to illness of any kind. (This is supported by a growing body of scientific evidence which has proved thought affect our cells and the world around us.) Self-defence is our best defence.**

The world may look like carnage but this is just a moment in time. Change is always preceded by disruption to a greater or lesser degree, whether personal or in the world around us. It galvanises us in new directions because few would volunteer for change otherwise. With ‘Big V’, change will come when the turbulence is over, through a quest to ensure this sort of thing never happens again and that will require a review of many aspects of our life and times.

Right now, the biggest things we have control over are our thoughts and behaviour and if we choose to be peaceful amidst the chaos, we will be able to direct our thoughts towards benevolent outcomes and in so doing, change our future. So, dear friends, find courage, take heart and be the best version of you, as this is far more contagious than ‘Big V’.


* Podcast: How to regain your balance and equilibrium when life gets out of control

**Podcast: How to take charge of your body and your health

Pics: Daffodils abound, a symbol of Spring and renewal which somehow seems appropriate for the subject of this blog.

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