Identity lost and found

I have spent much of my professional life building and, I guess, protecting my ‘Fiona Price’ persona, especially when my biggest and longest business (of 17 years) bore my name. So ‘we’ were one from a persona point of view, joined at the hip and it was certainly a mirror image of me in many ways. My spiritual awareness was also present but it was more compartmentalised then. Me and ‘it’.


Now, it’s the other way around. The spiritual me and my personality are much more aligned and the latter feels less predominant. Of course, I am still idiosyncratically me but a toned down, quieter version where the personality is no longer the most visible part. What is important to me now is the meld, the connection with spirit and living in this unity as much of the time as possible.

On reflection, I was resistant initially to releasing the personality from its pre-eminent position, something that had defined me for so long and was comfortable and familiar. I felt a bit lost. But, in fact, I was found.


I have also come to realise that our physical body is but a tiny fraction of the whole, the tip of the iceberg – though hugely important as it’s our instrument for the expression of this unity of humanity and spirit. This realisation has helped me to be easy and peaceful with my body and, as a result, I have been able to let go of physical tension which I held from time to time, in the past.


Indeed, to ‘own’ as much of this partnership as possible our body needs to be as clear as we can make it. Then we can begin to know the vastness of ‘everything else’ which is available to us, should we ask. And how mind-blowing it is to use the practical tools such as enhanced intuition and synchronicity, better health and ‘youthing’ that come from this meld which make life lighter, easier and more joyful.


Pics: Me on my 60th birthday on a trip to the Lake District a couple of weeks ago and the indescribably beautiful landscape.

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