The end?

The end of a decade is always significant and, invariably, a time of renewed optimism as a new decade dawns. But this time, it is different. Everywhere you look there’s chaos – politically, economically, socially, environmentally and every which way. One scandal follows another in the media exposing the dark side of life more than ever before and fake news is a modern means of destabilising societies. It’s difficult to see where we go from here and how we can turn things around. Not surprisingly, there is much despair; there is also a lot of vocal protest.


Chaos breeds fear and fear perpetuates the status quo which suits many of those who have power and influence. Our dysfunctional world makes it easier to manipulate situations to suit their agendas.

Typically, we have used the past as a guide to the future but this is also dysfunctional as it creates a repeat of unsatisfactory outcomes, though it’s an easy formula. On the flip-side, positive solutions are much more difficult to imagine; after all, ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’ but in this scenario, anything is possible and this resonates with me.

What about the role of social media? On the one hand, it can turn a local crisis into global news in real time so we are all know what’s happening in the world, which is a good thing obviously. This also makes us more aware that whatever culture we are in, or religion for that matter, the essence of our human nature is common and most people want the same basic things in life – peace, safety, health, happiness, abundance etc. So this is a unifying influence.


On the other hand, social media allows us to select information that reinforces our own views, which makes the world a smaller place. Yet there are so many amazing things happening on the ground (often as a result of sheer necessity) if we are only prepared to look. Positive and balanced news sites are springing up which tell us this and there are other sites which offer an alternative account of mainstream news, as well as dispelling mis-information about many aspects of our world. To see this bigger picture though, we have to take responsibility for the information we gather, what we read and the opinions we seek. There are so many mind-blowing innovations in science, education, politics, energy, housing, the environment, health and more which are not in the mainstream and offer great optimism for the future.

For my part, I have always believed humanity will survive, quit fighting, evolve in consciousness, compassion, co-operation and tolerance. Even as a teenager during the Cold War, when any number of people could have put their finger on the nuclear button, I knew we wouldn’t destroy ourselves.


By choosing to believe in the possibility of solutions instead of fear, we shine a light that others can see. Fear is negative energy, negative energy is darkness, darkness is the absence of light and when a light is shined, darkness recedes. It’s physics. We can use this principle to help the people around us. We can also send the energy of solution around the globe to where it’s needed, simply by using our thoughts.

Science has finally discovered what some of us have always known, that thought has energy (the science of epigenetics). We are entangled in a ‘quantum field’ (also recognised by science) which links our intentions with those of others through instinct and synchronicity and the power of this is magnified when there is a coherence of thought from many which is the most likely explanation behind wild-card events that have precipitated change and solution.

Our own lives are often a microcosm of the broader world. Rarely do we put our hand up and volunteer for change. Most often, change is a result of having our back against the wall, so there is absolutely no alternative but to change. By becoming clear about what we don’t want, we gain clarity about what we do and this is a catalyst for creativity in order to find a solution.

We have to know what is going on in our world (no matter how ugly), in order to clean it up. Dysfunction in our institutions is systemic and has been happening for a very long time. It was just invisible until now. But if we look, we will see the seeds of change everywhere and, in time, these seeds will mature and start to exert an influence,  integrating new ideas and energy into the old order, ultimately, transforming it.

I am excited by unexpected events which have the potential to stimulate change, even when they are shocking at first glance. And I never cease to be amazed by the ‘power of one’ eg. Greta Thunberg obviously but there are many others in different fields doing ground-breaking and extraordinary things too.

The world isn’t as it seems and each of us has a choice – do we respond to what we see with fear or optimism? Change is inevitable and it will probably be a bumpy ride for a while but how exciting to be here at such a significant time, participating in the creation of a new world.


Pics: Winter scenes at home.

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