We are not alone..

Recent events have reinforced, for me, the power of connection when we are separated from people we love. We truly are never alone nor separated by more than the distance we imagine and when someone needs us, we can extend our consciousness, our balance and our love to them as if they are right next to us and we are holding their hand. It’s amazing.


Similarly, we can feel the love and support of the spiritual entourage or soul group which accompanies us through life (including those we have loved and lost), though we don’t have to know who or what makes up this energy to feel its presence. It’s all in the mind…..well, the heart and the pineal too because this is the triad of consciousness, as I understand it.

So, how do we feel the connection with our spiritual family? ‘When’ is probably the starting point. It’s most available when we are balanced and this is the best state to practise connecting to it because, as ever, practise makes perfect.


For some, however, the first experience is during a time of despair when there is no where else to turn and no other option than to take a leap of faith and ask for divine intervention….and that’s the point. We need to ask to feel the connection. Our spiritual group is always there but it’s up to us whether we recognise it and engage with it. When we finally ask, there is a strong sense that we are not alone. It feels like a ‘love wash’ or a ‘spiritual hug’, often so powerful it makes you cry. But comfort is brief and most people disconnect the experience from the rest of life and never think about how to regain it, let alone use it creatively. Yet, it’s a helping hand that can make life easier and happier and this is core to my ‘practical spirituality’ outlook on life.

So, if being balanced is the best place to connect with the entourage, what does balance feels like? In normal circumstances, for me at any rate, it’s a feeling of being at peace with myself and the world, feeling calm, strong, clear, happy and worry-free. Next, we need to learn how to produce it on demand which is a bit more tricky in the hustle and bustle of life. On the other side of the equation, we need to notice when it’s absent and develop some techniques to get it back, as quickly as possible.


Losing our balance is often connected to what’s going on around us but it’s also down to life-long habits of thinking and feeling that aren’t helpful. These need to be observed, examined and re-framed. Noticing all of this is another new habit to develop! It’s frustrating that we can lose our balance so quickly but we can regain it quickly too, with practise. Nature is the master teacher in this regard. Her natural balance is beauty, peace and tranquility, and despite climatic turmoil, the pull is always back towards this balance.

I came to know balance through meditation, in early adulthood. Later on, I discovered techniques to regain my balance in everyday life without needing to meditate. Obviously, being still makes it easier to get in touch with the feeling in the first instance but you don’t need to meditate to achieve this – a walk in a park, cooking, yoga or countless other things might do it for you. It’s different for all of us. Basically, we need know what balance feels like so we are aware of its absence and can find ways of regaining it, so it gradually becomes our new norm.


Why? Balance is the bridge to connecting with our entourage. Even without doing this, when we are balanced, all of us is in balance including the cells of our body and perfect balance equals perfect health – in that moment. This is a good enough reason to be balanced for more of the time.

Balance, however, is the best place to ask for connection with our spiritual group and, usually, you will feel the love-wash which is evidence of the connection. It’s beautiful but that’s not the end of the story. You can use this connection to ask for solutions to problems and for intuitive guidance. Sometimes, insight comes in the moment but often, solutions manifest through synchronistic information and people in the real world. Instinct is the ‘street map’ to synchronicity and balance allows us to be aware of our instinct. It’s a circle. In my life, synchronicity has saved a lot of time, trouble and stress and is it’s exciting, as solutions have come many times in ways I couldn’t possibly imagine.

Balance is vital for the development of humanity too and, one day, I am sure it will be taught in schools. It will lead to inspired and compassionate decision-making at all levels of society and set us on a course for world peace. Is that important enough to master it in our own lives?

Pics: Trying (and failing) to keep a straight face for a new passport picture (no smiles allowed); perfectly balanced nature.

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