The reincarnation of Lomax

The most amazing thing has happened. Lomax is back! You may recall I told you previously about a feral cat that I become very attached to. He fell ill and I nursed him until the end. Through my tears on the last day I asked him to come back to me. I had had this experience before with several other animals (large and small) and wondered what form he would take. So it was that his reincarnation, Lomax ‘3’, appeared for the first time a few months ago.


For the record, all the feral cats are named after previous occupants of my ancient Welsh homestead and, according to the title deeds, a certain Lord Lomax was once in residence. I liked the name so much I used it a few times, though with only one feral cat at a time, of course.

Lomax 1 (who had feline leukemia and passed away) had been jet black in contrast to the other ferals who are all white and something. He was a very handsome fellow though, at times, in the shadows of the barn, only visible by his beautiful bright eyes.  So, whatever animal he came back as, I knew I would recognise those eyes.


A few months after he died, I saw a flash of black out of the corner of my eye on the yard, and wondered if it was him in another dimension. Then a few days later, I came out in the morning and there he was, in full display sitting at the yard gate waiting for me. He let me get quite close to talk to him. I was amazed he didn’t run off. The connection was immediate (as with Lomax 1) and he listened intently doing that ‘squinty-lovey-dovey’ thing that cats do with their eyes.


Here was a totally feral cat who was not only identical to his predecessor (I hadn’t expected that) but he trusted me enough to allow me to come close and was also at ease with the other cats, who didn’t yell at him or chase him away. In fact, they came up to greet him as if he was a long lost friend. This has never happened before. Any time a new cat arrives, there is a period of fisty-cuffs which lasts for months until the new incumbent sorts out their territory and is accepted into the group and this was indeed the case when Lomax 1 arrived.


Another time, I found him sleeping on the seat of the tractor in the garage, which was also a favourite place for Lomax 1. So I created ‘feeding station’ there for him and he now comes to call in the morning when ‘room service’ arrives. The other cats respect his food and stand back and watch him eat. I hope to be able to touch him soon. The whole thing is amazing, beautiful and utterly extraordinary.


Sadly, the only picture I have of Lomax 1 is when he did a ‘Houdini’ and escaped from the cat carrier in the back of the car on his way back from being neutured. But its enough for you to see the resemblance with his reincarnation, Lomax 3. I probably shouldn’t be so surprised, as I mentioned I have had this experience before. My first beloved cat Panzy who passed away age 19 a few years before I moved to Wales, morphed into my current house cat Bryngwyn who not only has her personality but her looks! What joy and comfort it is to know that our animals, who have such short life spans compared to ours, can return to us. I believe the same is possible with the people we love, the difference being we carry a part of them inside and the only thing we have to ask for, is to connect with this.


Pics (in order): Lomax 1 ‘free-ranging’ in the back of my car; Lomax 3 waiting for ‘meals on wheels’ and just to fill the gap, Lomax 2 (another handsome chap) who decided to move out after a few months. Finally, my first cat Panzy and her reincarnation Bryngwyn, my current house cat and companion.

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5 thoughts on “The reincarnation of Lomax

  1. Such a lovely story Fiona – thank you for sharing and it made my day ❤ – yes they do come back to us – I have sensed that too at times – wild birds who need nursing back to health and a duckling or 3 at one time while living in the Bahamas for a short while – and back to feral cats and baby birds and now also the odd chicken or 2 🙂 they all turn up and often via my daughter for me to care for. 🙂


  2. Lovely story Fiona I lost my beloved cat Coco about 2years ago a giant of a cat and a Gladiator like you and myself

    I think Coco bonded with me and our mutual love was so strong that when I left the lakes and although Diana adored him and she loved and adored Coco
    but I believe y he gave up hope so the Xmas before last he disappeared and never came back. I searched Cirencester area for months as at that time I was still. coming back from my trips abroad doing the same thing chasing funds for projects but I believe he wanted to go
    I a

    He was always my cat and adopted me he came and stayed in 2008 arriving a few weeks after I moved in he was feral and had been abandoned and survived on his wits

    As I have moved a couple of times in the area Catscome to visit me but I haven’t yet found a reincarnation of Coco
    I know Pansy death after such a long life thanks to your care was devastating for you but I am glad you have a reincarnated cat
    All the best


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