What is quantum? (podcast)

In meta-physics ‘quantum’ is the study of reality and the relationship between mind and matter. The term is increasingly popular but also confusing. Though I didn’t always understand what it meant, I have been tapping into a quantum attribute most of my life. In this podcast, I explain how it has helped me in practical ways to be more productive and more effective. Also, how it has enhanced my health and my life beyond measure.

To download, right click on this link, then save.


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  • Podcasts are also available on iTunes where you can subscribe to my podcast feed. (Click the link above or search ‘Fiona Price practical spirituality for everyday living’)
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3 thoughts on “What is quantum? (podcast)

  1. Nice. I don’t normally like podcasts, I prefer to read things, but I liked yours. To the point and inspiring at the same time. Off to hear some more now.

    Liked by 1 person

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