A previous incarnation

Some long forgotten videos which I had made over 10 years ago, recently came to light. They took me back to my previous ‘incarnation’ in the business world, a life I have now forgotten. It seems odd to look back and not recognise myself in what was the largest era of my life, to date. I obviously did a very good job in reinventing myself when I sold the business, followed by another metamorphosis when I moved to live remotely in Wales.


The forgotten era was in the financial sector in London. Initially, I had done a psychology degree, immediately followed by a MBA, after which I realised I was probably unemployable and was disappointed to discover that my education hadn’t equipped me for life as an entrepreneur. I was on my third business by the age of 28 and happy creating my own experience and working the puzzle of business on a daily basis. It was a roller-coaster journey but hugely exciting.


My business was a cutting edge firm of Independent Financial Advisers to business and professional women which I built it up over 18 years – from me and two staff in a couple of converted piano practise rooms over the Wigmore Hall, to a staff of over thirty (all women bar one) up-sizing our premises four times in the process. The business became well known in the financial sector and punched well above it’s weight, contributing frequently to the press, TV and radio. I sold it in 2004.


I had been a huge advocate of women’s empowerment (through financial independence, in the case of my business and by supporting other women working in the financial sector who were and still are, a small minority). I had also observed the different culture women created in business and, afterwards, I felt compelled to distil some of my business insights into a number of short videos, filmed in 2007. By then, I had realised that most things in life (and especially in business) boil down to how we handle ourselves in every situation.

A new Business Videos page contains the following:

  • Women don’t sell
  • Truth in business?
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Good ideas
  • Surround yourself with the right people
  • The best you can be
  • The power of change
  • What is instinct?
  • Working excessively
  • Does success equal happiness?

I hope you enjoy these vignettes!

10 years on, I am still focused on most of these themes which I have developed and form part of the ‘practical spirituality’ podcasts.


Pics: Taken around 2004 at the end of my London business era.

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