Food for the soul

You may have noticed from my podcasts and blogs that a big theme in my life is exploring how to be the best I can. It’s been quite a journey which, of course, continues and I have shared many of the insights I have gained along the way to help others find solutions in their lives and become more of who they are too. I continually fall short, obviously (it’s part of the human condition) but on the plus side, I am happy, fit, healthy and pleased to say that stress and worry no longer feature in my life. While I don’t have all the solutions I would like yet, I know how to create them and have new-found patience and faith in the knowledge that they are coming, which gives me peace of mind.

Throughout my career, I have done a considerable amount of mentoring. I think of mentoring as ‘food for the soul’ and I know that if I help someone have a ‘light bulb’ moment, they will usually pass something on to those around them so, little by little, we can all play a part in changing our world.


Initially, as a psychology graduate I was fascinated by human behaviour though later in life, I realised that the ultimate relationship is the one with yourself. However, there is also a wider context for understanding life and times and that’s a spiritual one. I am not talking about religion; my version of spirituality is entirely practical. It’s about engaging the quantum (bigger but invisible) part of you in order to be healthier, happier, more abundant, more inspired – basically, more of whatever you want by taking control of yourself, your body and your life.

Science too, is beginning to explore the quantum world and has already proven that thought has energy and that there is inter-connectivity (‘entanglement’) through something called ‘the field’. So, one day, I am sure there will be explanations for everything that is currently inexplicable, from how gravity and the magnetic field work, to healing. Unsurprisingly, my approach to mentoring combines psychology and spirituality, as well as personal experience in business, health, fitness and life.

I would like to incorporate some real-life mentoring podcasts into my website and have come up with an unusual format. I am looking for a few people to test out the idea, who would be interested in a free mentoring session on any subject (personal or professional) on the Zoom platform. The session would be around 45 minutes and I would aim to publish a few short extracts of around 5 minutes each (in audio only to protect the anonymity of the mentee) on my website, iTunes and my YouTube channel. If anyone is interested, I would love to hear from you. Please email me at:


Note: If you enjoy my content, I would be grateful if you would spread the word. Thanks.

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