Connecting with nature (podcast)

How we experience nature is a very personal thing. My own connection has been largely a result of a radical change of lifestyle, a metamorphosis from ‘city professional’ to ‘semi-feral’. However, it happens, though, it has the power to create an elevated sense of self and heightened consciousness of the world we live in and maybe, even, the meaning of life! I share my journey with you.

To download, right click on this link, then save.


Previous podcasts include:

  • Dowsing with a pendulum
  • Consciously creating the life you want
  • How to help others using the power of thought
  • How to regain your balance and equilibrium when life gets out of control
  • How to take charge of your body and your health
  • Affirmations and how to change your life
  • What is spirituality?
  • Talking to your food
  • Training your instinct
  • Narrating your life


  • Podcasts are also available on iTunes where you can subscribe to my podcast feed. (Click the link above or search ‘Fiona Price practical spirituality for everyday living’)
  • If you enjoy my content, I would be grateful if you would spread the word. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Connecting with nature (podcast)

  1. A beautiful gem of genuine wisdom Fiona, thank you.

    My connection came from a random meeting with you at the Duotone concert is Oswestry a while ago. Or was it random…?


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