Timing is everything

Whilst enjoying my daily indulgence of coffee and cake in the garden today, I pondered the glorious scene before me. I live in the middle of nowhere with breathtaking beauty all around and, today, nothing could be heard except the tweeting of birds and bleating of newborn lambs. The countryside isn’t always that quiet! Yet just a week ago, I was battling horizontal rain, gales and arctic conditions. How quickly things change.


From my garden seat, a large hill aptly named The Globe fills my vista and it has just started to turn a shade of ‘spring green’ whilst the first buds and bulbs of this year sprout in the garden. The sun was so hot as I sat there (after a frost first thing this morning) that I was down to just two thermal layers (almost unheard of), sporting a peaked cap and sunglasses. My horse, Talisman, who has just been clipped had also ditched his thermals and was wearing one thin summer rug, probably the closest he gets to naked…and it’s still February.


I don’t imagine winter is over yet and while the change in seasons is inevitable the timing is, of course, variable. The premature feeling of spring is the result of a confluence of conditions including the right mix of rain, sun and wind over the last few weeks.

So I found myself musing about the concept of manifestation and timing of things in life. I talked in a recent podcast about the idea of creating what you want using conscious intention….When you use the power of thought to send out a strong feeling of what you want, it’s as good as done. You have created it in your future reality in ‘the field’ (cosmic soup) and through a process of co-incidences (provided you remain balanced) your instinct (with a little divine intervention) will guide you to it.


But what often happens is that we get in the way of what we want to create – we doubt it will happen because it hasn’t happened yet, so this then becomes our new and more powerful instruction to the field and a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Or, we manifest what we don’t want because we are unaware that the field responds to what we are focused on whether it’s positive or negative.  If, however, we learn to notice when negativity creeps in (‘narrating your life’ podcast) and lift off it or distract ourselves away from it, then what we have intended must happen – it’s only a question of timing.


Of course, anyone who might potentially be part of the synchronistic chain of events that will lead us to our manifestation (just as we are part of theirs) has free will (as we all do) and could change their mind about what they want in their lives or become negative and drop out of the chain, which will affect the timing. These are quantum things which are beyond human comprehension, so it’s almost impossible to know how it really works or explain it in a linear way. I am drawing on my experience and study of the subject but it’s very personal – you have to find it for yourself in your own way. I have no doubt that science will find an explanation one day and already, there is acknowledgement and study of the notion of ‘entanglement’ and ‘the field’.


So, once the intention is out there there are a few essential ingredients in manifesting your creation. One is patience regards timing. Another is the absolute belief that it will work – like placing an order in a restaurant and knowing your meal will arrive. There is no denying it will take perseverance to become a master creator and, for most of us, it’s likely to be a life-long work in progress. But like anything you want to be good at, practise and persistence makes perfect. Unlike the restaurant meal, however, there is the potential for your creation to manifest looking different than you expect and to exceed all expectations. So another important ingredient is to be open-minded.


The realisation that you are in control of your life is a complete game changer. There is so much more that is possible from this point. Control over your health, an end to worry knowing there are solutions to all life’s puzzles and that you can use the power of thought to play your part in the world. How exciting is that?!


Pics: The middle of nowhere; blue barn against blue sky; cats at play; Talisman in his ‘limo’ arrives at a dressage competition; frost first thing this morning and later, coffee and cake in the sun.

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4 thoughts on “Timing is everything

  1. Lovely. Still in the depths of winter here, but it is lovely to think about spring. I really totally agree with everything you say about manifesting. It’s “living it” that’s hard. Intellectually I get it … but putting it into daily practice, I struggle.

    Keep up the good work. I appreciate all that you share.

    Cheers from Canada Jane


  2. Lovely to hear from you Jane. You are right, ‘living it’ is very challenging but understanding it intellectually is the starting point. The rest is practise. It’s just that it’s emotional and mental practise rather than a workout in the gym and our mind is very good at tricking us! It is always going to be a work in progress but, hopefully, increasing ease with it. .


    1. I love the thinking out loud method in your writings and of course the way you connect the dots. Thank you for sharing your life experiences with us with your practical pointers.
      Love from


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