Mirror, mirror?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? This is a question I have asked myself for some time. For most of my life, I just saw a face – first thing in the morning looking sleep deprived due to overwork, in business mode with make-up on looking surprisingly glam’, a bit on the feral side when working with the horses or on the land and last thing at night, laid bare, no disguises. What conversation did I have with my face? Occasionally, “looking good Fi” but mostly, a big sigh!


Yet the old adage, ‘the eyes are the gateway to the soul’ alludes to so much more and with what I have learned along the way, I now look at my face with much more interest knowing it’s merely the outer wrapper of the current guise of my soul, ie. the pithy essence of me which is incarnated as a human being in this lifetime. The infinite kaleidoscope of expanding awareness has shifted yet again and now I see a much bigger version of who I am when I look at myself – a me that is wiser from lessons learned in vast numbers of lifetimes on this earth and beyond, where the ‘wise me’ has healed the ‘wounded me’ from the worst of human experience.

Through my eyes, I also greet all that I am connected with, including my personal entourage (spiritual guidance and support group); Gaia, the amazing planet from whence my biological DNA comes, which is in a conscious symbiotic relationship with us; the galaxy our earth and, therefore, we hail from; the cosmic ‘soup’ which connects us all at a quantum level (known as ‘the field’) and the innate part of my biology which knows how to balance and heal my body and slow down the ageing process. I see all of this and honour the divinity and the grand design of it.


So what do I say when I look into the mirror these days? I congratulate all of me on a good job so far, in healing my body and ‘youthing’; allowing for an expanded consciousness and for increased connection and collaboration with so much more; for discovering the personal power to change my life and the knowledge that small as I am, I am not insignificant. I thank my spiritual support group for holding my hand every inch of the way, so I am never alone and I recognise my raison-d’etre to be the best I can be and shine a little light to help others see that all is well in the world, in spite of what may seem.


Pics: At the highest point in the Shropshire Hills on New Year’s Day; on the beach with friends at Ynyslas in West Wales the next day.

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