What makes us who we are?

I have always been interested in how the heady mix of our human ‘make-up’, early life experiences and spiritual outlook leads us to be passionate about certain things and often motivates our path through life. A fascination with human behaviour led me to study psychology at university and I later found the human dynamic played a significant part in my professional life, especially in growing a business from scratch to 35 staff, where people proved to be the critical factor time and time again. Now, when I watch movies, I nearly always chose ones about real people and their life stories.


I recently watched a film called ‘The Fifth Estate’ about Wikileaks and it’s founder Julian Assange. In many ways, Assange was a ‘wildcard’. He had a strange and disturbing childhood and became an unusual man, driven by his quest for exposing corruption. He was flawed (as we all are!), seriously lacking in social graces. Benedict Cumberbatch did a wonderful job portraying his character and I could see how early influences and Assange’s psyche played straight into the profound mission to cast a light on much ugliness in the world. It cost him dear in the end.


Wikileaks was founded in 2006 but came to prominence in 2010. The film was an eye-opener into the sheer scale of corruption and deceit in all corners of the ‘legitimate’ world, from business to government. Despite a smear campaign to damage Assange, he and his collaborators were undoubtedly forerunners in setting the scene for the growing culture of ‘whistle blowing’ today. Perhaps, in future, it will be possible to expose corruption without retribution? Or maybe even, whistle-blowing will become redundant as more people mobilise themselves into mass protests to make their voices heard and circumnavigate the cumbersome and obstructive political processes everywhere, to create change. Perhaps dysfunctional political systems will then evolve and morph into something that works?


It’s not just actions against governments though. Action by employees against their corporations are gathering momentum too and in the most unlikely quarters. Google staff, for instance, are currently staging walk-outs world-wide to protest about the treatment of women in their organisation – a culture which hitherto had been heralded as a corporate utopia.


Going back to the idea of how we are inspired to live our lives…..I believe we have many lives and choose the type of human expression we come into each time, not the details but the broad potential for experience which will enhance the wisdom of our soul wisdom and affect the people around us. The important word here is ‘potential’. I don’t believe our lives are pre-ordained. I believe we have free-will to fullfill the pre-planned potential or not.


So, over eons of time we are all able to experience the good, the bad and the ugly, the insignificant and the significant, just like the infinite patterns of a kaleidoscope. How magnificent is our soul for doing this as there is pain involved. And for those of us who are here now, what an incredible time this is with the potential to reinvent ourselves and the world we live in through compassion, integrity and love and work the seemingly unsolvable puzzles of our life and times to create peace on earth. That’s my view anyway and I am inspired by it!



Pics: Riding into the sunset; winter sun over my land; sporting new head gear; my ever present companion Bryngwyn; his feral ‘wife’ Elizabeth on a lookout post; love-in with Talisman.

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