How to help others using the power of thought (podcast)

The internet means we know what’s happening globally in real time and while it seems like things are getting worse, I believe the situation is the opposite. The bad stuff has always been there, it’s just that more of it is coming to light which is necessary in order to deal with it. I follow the news with fascination these days, even though I abstained from following any news at all for many years as it was so negative and sensationalist. Like many, I find the amount of unprecedented change happening to be utterly mind boggling. We really are living in unchartered territory!

That said, I expect the unexpected in terms of outcomes which have the power to raise consciousness and move humanity and our world forward into a new era and I enjoy looking for clues that this is happening. But there is no denying that distress in the news is omnipresent, with so many people suffering the effects of catastrophic climatic change, war and displacement, mass shootings etc. While most of us can’t just hop on a plane and go and give our support to the latest crisis personally, I believe we can offer compassionate support in a profound way from the comfort of our own home using the power of thought, which I explain in this podcast.

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