Our true human nature

I gawped in amazement at yet another stunning sunset and was filled with wonderment at how every sunset is unique and exquisite. One of the only advantages of the short winter days is that I am outside feeding the animals at sundown and able to enjoy the natural ‘wall to wall art’ which is omnipresent where I live.


As I stood there, the thought came to me that just like nature, we are never the same. Moment by moment we change, moving through a kaleidoscope of infinite variety in our lives. Like the sunset, we are magnificent but while the sun just ‘is’, without agenda or attitude we, on the other hand, are magnificent at our core but mostly have no idea of this because our thoughts, beliefs, actions and the people and events around us tell us otherwise.


A full moon arrived on the same evening and I was mesmerised by it’s brightness and perfection from the window seat in my bedroom – nature’s very own ‘late night movie’. This prompted a different aspect of the same thought. As the moon progresses through it’s cycle, we see just parts of it. But it’s still whole.


We mere mortals show only part of who we really are, most of the time – the rest is obscured by the ‘clouds’ of life. But, on the rare occasions when we shine our light fully and are all that we can be, we are also radiant and mesmerising and have a powerful and positive effect on the world around us.


Obviously, the challenge is to be this way more often, which seems like going against the grain of our challenging human nature. But is it really going against the grain, or is it how are meant to be? It’s common to think the former but I, for one, find it easier to believe the latter.



Pics: Nature’s art – the extraordinary ever changing sunset.

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