Don’t ask, don’t get!

Goodbye Rose, hello Sovereign! Rose has been replaced by veteran ex-dressage horse Sovereign who is 36 years young. I have known about Sovereign from the start of my search for a suitable companion for Talisman, 10 months ago but was reluctant to take him due to his age and the fact he had been in the same home for 30 years, living alone for much of the time. I felt it would be too big a change for him. But six companion horses later and knowing Sovereign had become thin due to lack of grazing, I had a change of heart.


So, on Monday, I went to collect him and gingerly drove my fragile cargo a short distance home at 20 mph, much to the displeasure of other road users. He travelled well and tucked straight into the grass, which is once again green after the recent rain and hasn’t looked back since. His elderly owner visited yesterday with her daughter who is  ‘strimming queen’ Clare and as Clare comes on a weekly basis, he will hear her familiar voice and be reassured that his previous loving home hasn’t deserted him.


After a couple of days being on opposite sides of the fence, I put the boys in together overnight but have been moving Sovereign onto the best grass during the day, which is next to the menage. Hopefully, this will also avoid them become ‘joined at the hip’ and I’m pleased to report that after only a week, Sovereign is looking a little less thin than when he arrived. It’s lovely that they have the same divine nature – kind, gentle and not at all dominant. Talisman is under strict instructions to take care of Sovereign and treat him as a wise grandfather, being more than three times his age.


Thankfully, Sovereign is happy to stay in the field while Talisman comes up to the yard in the morning to go on the walker and leave him again later in the day to work. When on his own, I have noticed Sovereign makes frequent trips to the arena gate. It took me a while to work out why but turns out he’s looking at himself in the mirrors! He now has two friends, though one is the silent type. He also watches Talisman and I working in the school and as he was an accomplished dressage horse in his day, we now have a ‘pair of eyes on the ground’ offering handy hints to Talisman or, so it seems?!

The boys

Meanwhile, the feral ‘cat pack’ continue to be a source of interest and entertainment. Warrior queen Elizabeth, who is also feral wife of house cat Bryngwyn, has taken to coming into the kitchen as soon as I open the door in the morning – only briefly and provided the door is left open. At this time and only at the time, she allows me to stroke, scratch and groom her and purrs loudly in appreciation. I am very honoured as, after living here for three and a half years, she still won’t let me touch her outside – the relationship is strictly on her terms. She also likes to surprise Bryngwyn and I with her athleticism and was recently spotted sitting on top of one of the highest rooves on the yard as if it was a perfectly normal everyday occurrence.


Some of you may recall from a previous blog that a beautiful black feral cat called Lomax took up residence a while ago. He was duly trapped, taken to the local vet to have the snip and on the way home, managed to escaped from the cage and leap around the car free-range, which was very scary. After we got home, he did a bunk and wasn’t seen for six months……until a couple of weeks ago when he made a re-appearance looking very beaten up indeed. He slept for a week in the barn, licking his wounds and eating food I put out for him until he was on the mend and he has since remained on the premises. As I liked the name Lomax (borrowed from a previous occupant of my home several hundred years ago), I used this name for another, more recent arrival. So we now have Lomax 1 and Lomax 2.


Lomax 2 (also featured in a blog) is the only one out of 8 feral cats that I have failed to trap and is now confidently strutting round the place, exploring every nook and cranny. He was recently pictured at my back door taunting Bryngwyn who was watching from the windowsill inside.


On the house front, there’s been more decorating – this time the rear sitting room which is the grandest room of the house and certainly worthy of a lick of paint. It isn’t my favourite job (not even close) and, as usual, I completely underestimated how much work was involved until I starting taping up – two recessed doors, a recessed window, a fire place recess and loads of beams, nightmare! Hours of using a small paint brush round all the edges were required before I could get the roller out. And, finally, there was a 2.5m radiator to paint. The closest I have got to an intimate relationship for quite some time was caressing the radiator to coax a first coat of paint onto the shiny surface. It has since been pointed out that I could have sanded it to get greater adhesion but as I was a ‘decorating virgin’ until I moved here, I don’t know many tricks of the trade yet. Live and learn!


I did stop for a minute, though, to admire the exquisite wood panelling which is perfect in both aesthetics and functionality. And then an idea popped into my head – I would ‘commune’ with the ancient wood which must be nearly half a millennium old. Energetically, it should hold the wisdom of nature even though it was long since felled to serve a new and noble purpose of building my house.


Just incase you are wondering, I haven’t lost the plot. If you have listened to my podcasts you will be aware that I believe we are connected to all things through our consciousness and ‘tree huggers’, as it happens, are a known species of man (and woman) who can feel the energy of trees and receive their wisdom. So, it was wasn’t a big stretch to think that the wood panelling might have a message for me. Despite feeling just a tad silly taking to the woodwork in my sitting room, I wanted to try. I asked the question and, to my surprise, a thought dived straight in. Whether it was from the wood itself, or simply the wood inspired me to dig deep into my own inner wisdom, I don’t know but this is what I got:

“If you stand in your magnificence (which is your birthright and that of all mankind), even without words as I do, you will be noticed and therein lies the potential to touch people and change lives.”

I was gobsmacked!………………..Don’t ask, don’t get!



Pics: Talisman ‘at home alone’ again after Rose left; 36 year old Sovereign the day he arrived and in very poor condition; Sovereign and Talisman together; Elizabeth pays an early morning visit and tucks into Bryngwyn’s food and posing on the apex of the roof; Lomax 2 approaches the back door; what best dressed girls wear for decorating; the exquisite wood panelling; living art – sunset through one of the new velux windows!

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