Affirmations and how to change your life (podcast)

Something I learned very early on in life is that one of the few things you can count on is change – whether at work, in relationships, health or anything else. The thing that’s so stressful is fear of the unknown, so learning how to handle yourself through the process and making it work for you is vital in order to take the sting out of it. Conversely, there are positive changes you might want to make in your life to be happier, healthier, abundant and more. Obviously, this involves thinking differently and it can be challenging to change the habits of a lifetime!

I’ve been using ‘affirmations’ to help me create positive change since I was a teenager. They are an extremely effective tool for personal transformation as they replace old, unhelpful thoughts and beliefs that keep us stuck in repeating experiences, with new new ones which enable us to be, have and do what we truly want. Thought has energy so be careful what you think!


In this podcast, I share examples of what’s worked for me, explain how to create effective affirmations for you and also provide an explanation as to why they work. It’s powerful stuff!

To download, right click on this link, then save.


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  • A video version of this podcast is available on my vlog page. 
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