What is spirituality? (podcast)

This is a very big question! For me, spirituality is on a spectrum from practical applications in every day life to full-blown esoteric. My spiritual journey began age 17 and has become an increasingly big part of me as time has gone on. It’s a never-ending pursuit……in this life time and others.


There is nothing religious or prescriptive about it. I was brought up in an orthodox religious environment and rebelled against it as soon as I could talk. In fact, it inspired me to look for something else which was more meaningful. The more I understand, the more I want to know – it’s addictive. Without question, it’s been the main source of health, happiness and peace in my life. I am no different to anyone else and it’s there for all of us to discover in our own unique way. Just start somewhere with the question ‘what more is there?’


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