Counting my blessings

‘Walking your talk’ is one of the hardest things in life. Talking is the easy bit – thinking, living and being ‘it’ on a consistent basis is much more difficult (perhaps the subject of another ‘spiritual musing’ video). So when a large number of extremely irritating small issues recently threatened my equilibrium (wrecked it, to be more accurate) and I ended up grumpy and lacking in humour with the animals, I decided it was time to regroup. I use a variety of different methods when this happens (it’s guaranteed to happen from time to time) but on this occasion found myself counting my blessings and it was a long list indeed!


It started one beautiful day when I was able to eat every meal ‘al fresco’ in the garden, while admiring a world class view and observing the wildlife. I found myself reflecting on almost 20 years building a business in London (in the dim and distant past), rarely seeing the light of day, sweltering in the office (and in the smog outside) during the summer, commuting long distances daily and dealing with constant challenge, change and the accompanying stress.


‘How wonderful it is that I have freedom to live each day as I wish’, I thought, ‘with no responsibility to anyone, except me and my animals’. One thought led to another until I was feeling my usual perky self again. I was back from the brink of the slippery slope where things have a habit of going pear-shaped rather quickly.


Meanwhile, on the horse front , Monk has finally earned ‘resident status’. He’s still not keen on Talisman leaving him when I go riding but apart from that, he has finally taken a deep breath and is much more settled. The pair are great buddies and synchronise everything including peeing! He’s worked out that his only job in life is to chill, be happy and a good friend. It probably helps that they are living out 24/7, now that the weather is more clement and the grass has finally sprouted.


In fact, his confidence has grown to the point he is no longer the pushover he once was for Talisman. While he used to politely eat his own food and wait for Talisman to finish his before licking Talisman’s bowl for him, he is now cheeky enough to gobble his own food and have seconds with Talisman hence they are fed separately now.


So to mark the start of his new life, he also has a new name. I was thinking of famous people but when I mooted my shortlist with him, I had the idea that he would prefer to be called after a famous horse. Fair point! So I looked up champion trotters (the job he used to do) and picked two names – Mack Lobell and Noble Lord which I mixed and matched to come up with Mac Noble – Noble for short, to acknowledge the noble being he once was (and still is somewhere), before he encountered the dark side of human nature.

15-05-2018 11-58-33

Still on the subject of animals, night life is something I would love to film as it’s a whole other world at my place when the sun goes down. I already described my encounter with a Pole Cat in a previous blog but another animal in residence is the hedgehog. I first discovered her hibernating when cleaning out the barns after moving in. The following year I found her nesting with a litter of newborns and on many occasions since then, I have encountered her in the fields or on the wood chip track (her superhighway to freedom).


Most recently, a few nights ago, I bumped into her (literally) when I went out to check the horses after dark. The following night at roughly the same time, I heard a very odd screeching-whining-chirping sort of noise that I had never heard before. I shined my head torch to find the source and ‘lo and behold’ it was her, having a conversation with (I assume) one of her now grown-up offspring. How amazing is that? To top off the experience, the stars were incredible forming a blanket right down to the ground, or that’s what it felt like – one of the great joys of living in the middle of no-where under a sky untouched by night-light pollution.


Pics: Spring has arrived! Pear tree in full bloom and the first bud on a magnolia tree I planted last year; weather vane against the scenic backdrop; cheeky Noble (right) tucking into Talisman’s food; Talisman asleep with his head on the ground; Talisman and I cantering during filming of the video ‘No gain without pain’; another furry friend (Bryngwyn) helping himself to food which isn’t his; hedgehogs at night.

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