The power of thought (podcast)

I am in the process of making audio versions of the ‘spiritual musings’ videos that are in the Vlog section, for those who prefer to listen rather than watch. Here is the first ……’The power of thought’.

I have learned that thought has energy, so it can be put to good use for each of us and the world around us. The flip-side is that we have to be mindful of all our thoughts including the ones which aren’t helpful in creating the life we would like. Like any new skill you want to develop, practise makes perfect and I explain how I have practised this over the years.

To download, right click on this link and save.


  • Downloadable versions of podcasts are available on iTunes where you can subscribe to my podcast feed. (Click the link above or search ‘Fiona Price practical spirituality for everyday living’)
  • Alternatively, if you prefer to watch a video version of this podcast, please go to my vlog page. Videos have the added attraction of the the scenic outdoors – when the weather is clement enough!


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