What my animals have told me

A little while ago, I posted on Facebook about animals and spirituality. Incase you missed it, I am going to cover it again and add a little embellishment. It’s too important a subject to let slip into oblivion on my ‘time line’, as the insights I’ve gained have dramatically increased my understanding of animals and my connection with them and I would like to share this with you.


Did you know you can bring your beloved animals back to you when they pass on? Well, it’s my experience, several times over and they don’t necessarily return as the same species! You have met my cat Bryngwn in blogs and videos. I found him at a local cat rescue centre just after I moved to my current property. I was attracted to him because his markings were virtually identical to a cat I had loved and lost a couple of years previously. I was speechless when I saw him as it could have been her.


I also lost a special Jack Russell terrier a year later. And a week after I moved in, I lost a special horse. Three in the space of 2 years. Their names were Fanny, Benjamin and Norris respectively. It turns out, all three have returned to me via Bryngwyn (love of my life, obviously). He has their personalities and characteristics down to a tee! By the way, Norris the horse had the characteristics of another special horse I loved and lost before him. I used to feel sad that our wonderful animals had such short lives compared to us but I now know they can be with us forever if we put out intent for them to return!


Something else I have discovered over many years of having horses (and other small furry friends) is that animals have much more sophisticated means of communication that the limited vocabulary of whinnies, meows and woofs we attribute to them. While it is widely recognised now that body language is a powerful training tool as animals use it in their own social groups, I have found they also communicate through telepathy and we can use this to communicate with them in turn. I am sure you have had some experience of this when, for instance, you arrive home and your cat or dog is sitting there waiting for you. Or the thought comes into your mind as you walk into the stable to fill your horse’s water bucket, perhaps at a time you wouldn’t normally do it.


The way I use telepathy to communicate with my animals is to say their name (maybe several times) so I get their attention and then talk to them while I project a visual image of what I am saying. Or, I explain what I want them to know and then say “look at the picture” and project the image. The needs to be as if the animal is looking out of their own eyes. I use this in so many different ways. This is just one example. Most horses get stressed when they see their ‘wheels’ arrive on the yard and cotton onto the fact they are going somewhere – followed by projectile poohing, of course! So I show my horse a picture of what they are going to do when they arrive, or a picture of where they are going if they have been there before and they usually then take a breath and calm down. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself and have some fun!


On a slightly different subject, we are not the only ones with past lives, it seems. I have had numerous ‘past life readings’ on my animals from a variety of different people who have the gift of being able to talk to animals, usually when I have drawn a blank on a particular behavioral or health issue and need information directly from the horse’s mouth (pun intended)! Sometimes it has brought up previous lives I had with those horses but in all cases, it provided answers and was a beautiful experience (often moving) as well as healing. Our animals frequently have wise messages for us too. The experience of hearing their stories has put a completely different perspective on animal consciousness and intelligence for me, as well as their training as they don’t think in the linear way we do. They tend to cluster similar experiences and subjects in their memory.


So, I will share a few different messages with you (of the many I have had over the years).

A practical one to start….I had a horse some 30 years ago (the first horse in my adult life when I was far less experienced) who went off his feed. He stopped eating hard food completely for no apparent reason and dropped weight accordingly. It was at the change of seasons from autumn to winter. He told the horse communicator that at this time of year the grass loses its sweetness and is bland. His stable food was also bland so he wasn’t inclined to eat but he could be encouraged if something sweet was added to it. A bit of molasses was duly included in his daily rations and he licked his bowl clean! (This was in the days of straight feeds before the advent of mixes which contain way too much unnecessary sweetness.)


On another occasion, I had a horse that was very much ‘in your face’ and not always in a good way. He would nip and bump me and interact any way he could; if I was in the yard and he was in the stable, he would bang the door, shake his head, whinny and generally create a continual fuss. It became very annoying.

He told the horse communicator he had been a war horse in one of the great French battles. His soldier was shot and slumped over his back barely conscious and they wandered away from the battlefield. The horse was exhausted and could barely walk and stumbled into a ditch. He couldn’t get out. After the battle, he and the soldier were found and the soldier was pulled out of the ditch. Normally, if a horse couldn’t be rescued they were shot but for some reason, he was left. He called for help telepathically to no avail and eventually drowned in the rain water which filled up the ditch. The emotional hangover in this lifetime was the annoying interaction which was a was a constant cry for attention. Knowing that, helped enormously as I could understand him rather than get cross and the problem lessened over time.

The last example was provided by the lovely Fanny (subject of my recent poetry recital video). A psychic friend was staying and one night Fanny was insistent about making her presence known. My friend thought she had something to say and indeed she had. She told us that domestic animals have ‘house names’ – the ones we call them but they also have ‘proper’ names. Her name (and I quote) was “Panzola the third, like my mother and my grandmother before her”. Henceforth, I called her Panzy and she bestowed upon me much more affection and attention which was a great honour, given she was such esteemed royalty……

* * * *

Pics: Fanny (aka Panzy); reincarnated version Bryngwyn; perfect terrier Benjamin; Canute (the horse who went off his food) and me 32 years ago. I was probably the first rider ever to sport lycra (and am still wearing it) which was a carry over from rowing at the time hence the chunkier version of myself; Canute and me practising cross country – he was my first eventer and in those days you went straight from unaffiliated to Novice which was quite a wake-up call; war horse Tiggy; Norris and I contesting a Novice Regional Final – he was the horse I lost shortly after moving here and was partly the reincarnation of Canute – they looked similar bar the white nose.

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