It feels more like spring now, the daffs are out, the lambs are bleating and the temperature has risen. However, following rain of biblical proportions which arrived after an epic melting of the epic snow, the ground is saturated which means grass turnout for the boys has been limited. I am expecting things to change very quickly though when the mini ‘heat wave’ arrives next week – hallelujah!


Monk has been here nearly three weeks now and has been unexpectedly challenging so he’s still on probation. While he is a lot better in the stable (previously ridiculous) and wonderful with Talisman in the turnout arena or the field (the main reason I am persisting), he is far from coping when I take Talisman away riding. He stays in the turnout arena where he has been too stressed to eat and has made a good job of wrecking the surface, which creates a lot of extra work for me.


Yesterday, however, I had a serendipity experience. In a flash of inspiration it occurred to me to fence off the corners of the arena so he couldn’t rush into them and make such a mess. Whilst riding in the menage at the bottom of my land where I could see him, I was amazed to observe a big improvement. In fact, he was just walking around and even paused to eat from his haynet from time to time. Thinking about it afterwards, when a stressed horse charges into the corner, does a skid stop, spins and shoots off again, the frenzy keeps his energy levels high. Curved edges have a calming effect because it simply isn’t possible to do this. Let’s hope the novelty doesn’t wear off. If he graduates to ‘resident’ status in the next week or so, I will give him a new name as Monk doesn’t do it. He is anything but!


Meantime, Talisman had an outing to a dressage clinic a few days ago (his second this year) which was very exciting for him and prompted a lot of spontaneous passage. He did eventually settle and produce enough good work to show the improvement he has made in self carriage and the contact since his first session, which I was pleased about. The trainer enthused about him and thinks he would stand out in an arab showing ring which was my intended plan for this year, along with some dressage. It’s amazing how an outing can lift the spirits. His next work session at home was spectacular. The penny had dropped on a few things and he was very flash indeed and super-pleased with himself. We both floated back to the yard.


On my side of things, for the first time in my life, I have a little more space round the edges. I have lived a life of perpetual motion until now and finally achieved the balance I have been aspiring to for many years. Often, the easy bit is knowing what you want. Making major changes and integrating them, though, frequently takes a LOT of time, patience and perseverance, whilst hanging onto the vision. My life has been characterised by big challenges (though I remind myself, I have not lived in a war-zone and am not a refugee….perspective is vital!) and constant change. So developing a spiritual take on things has been very helpful for me in making sense of what’s happened and having more control over myself and the things around me.


I have alluded to aspects of spirituality in my blogs, vlogs and FB but I am planning to share more of this now. Knowing life is bigger than it seems, that we have the tools to ease the burden, create more peace, prosperity, health and happiness at a personal level (as well as planetary), has been a game changer for me and if there are any thoughts you might find useful, then I would be playing my part in the world by sharing them. To kick off with, I have posted a few new videos, ‘What is spirituality’, ‘Talking to your food’ and ‘Muck heap meditation’ for you to ponder!

trailer 2

Pics: Talisman and Bryngwyn sharing a moment, Bryngwyn showing tremendous dexterity in cleaning between his toes and also eying up my ‘apres’ mucking-out snack, me making the ‘Muck heap meditation’ video, Talisman having a power nap in the field and eyes on stalks on arrival at the dressage clinic.

Videos: Since my last blog I have published the following new videos on my Youtube channel: What is Spirituality? Talking to your food, Muck heap meditation and Loving his medicine.  If you would like to be notified each time I publish a new video, you can subscribe to my channel. Some videos appear in the Vlog section of this site.

Note: In between blogs I post on Facebook each day. If you select ‘Get Notifications’ for my Facebook page you will be informed each time I post an entry. If you like my content, please share it with others who might also enjoy it. Thank you!

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