What a palava!

It’s been another challenging few weeks of ups and downs, frustrations and the odd triumph. The relentless bad weather continued with more bouts of snow and acute cold, followed by rain of biblical proportions turning the ground into a bog! My photographer friend learned how to use the fairly sophisticated video camera I have (which is beyond me!) to film Talisman working a couple more times but we almost got frostbite in the process and I still have chilblains.

I then took Talisman out in the trailer for his first ‘party’ in six months. He was dripping with sweat by the time we arrived at the dressage clinic for a shared lesson in an indoor school. He has never worked with another horse but didn’t bat an eyelid and was a real pro’. We will do a couple more dressage clinics in the next few weeks as well as a jumping one, as he has now progressed to jumping from canter and moved on from grid work to doing some individual fences. Talisman is loving his work and has totally forgotten his previous career in endurance, as have I.

Meantime, ‘Madame La Piplette’ has metamorphosed from ‘sweetness and light’ (mostly) to a very naughty girl indeed, now that she is settled in and has a measure of the place. The problem is, in part, she has been feral for most of her life and made her own decisions but I suspect the issues also arises because she is clever and capable and needs to channel her plentiful energy into a job. Plus, of course, spring is in the air! In any event, she is causing havoc for Talisman and me on a regular basis. Either she ‘kicks off’ when they are out in the field, trashing the soft ground and setting Talisman off in the process (the whole point was to have a quiet companion for him). Or, when I go to catch her, she comes for a carrot and shoots off before I can clip the lead rope onto her headcollar.

She goes like a rocket, galloping and fly-bucking around Talisman and me and when she’s had enough of that, lowers her head into ‘missile’ position and aims for the electric fence, running straight through it and heading off for a tour of my fields, wrecking them as she goes. Even when she’s knackered, she still she won’t be caught. Talisman ends up super-stressed and whinnying to her while she returns his calls (I catch him first so he can’t go as well) and I have steam coming out of my ears as I divet the damage which is beyond repair with a harrow and mend the electric fence in the dark.

She can’t be out 24/7 at the moment as the land is too exposed and the ground too soft, though I am sure she would be a different pony when this is possible in the spring. But her future is now in the balance. I am contemplating a swap if I can find a more suitable companion for Talisman (companion number 4) in return for a competition home for Pip, as I think she could turn her hoof to anything – driving, mounted games, working hunter, hunting, showing.

Tal 2

Meantime, to diffuse the situation, I am playing ‘the inner game of tennis’! This means neutralising my emotions towards Pip, so her behaviour doesn’t provoke a reaction in me which she then picks up on and continues to react to (vicious circle). In ‘human behaviour’, the theory is if you ‘drop the ball’ emotionally the game stops, so I am interested to see if this works with horses. In addition, I have withdrawn her privileges (ie. carrots) except one after she is caught. She is such a foody that if it’s the only treat she gets, she might be more inclined to come to me. I live in hope!

Otherwise, on the animal front, a new feral cat has arrived. I’ve called him Lomax 2 (the original Lomax left after being relieved of his bits). This one is quite a fearsome looking thing but a great athlete. Well, I assume it’s a ‘he’ but I have been wrong before, so I won’t know until I trap him and deliver him to the vet.

Technology has also continued to present a challenge, this time, my desktop computer died, or at least the hard drive did. Boy, what a palava that was! A new drive was installed and programmes had to be rescued from the old drive or re-installed and then, you guessed, they didn’t work (and still don’t) quite the way they used to – exasperation! But ‘pick a thought’ – the computer is a lot faster than it used to be.

Returning to the weather (it’s no wonder we are obsessed with it in this country), the last few days have been dry and the sun even made an appearance (what a difference that makes), so I have taken the opportunity to get the tractor out and harrow and roll the drier areas of land. This is always a great relief as I really don’t like mess at all! The better weather also prompted filming a run on the ridge at 1200 feet with the aim of capturing the spectacular vista and a sunset. Editing is in progress.

cat1I almost forgot, another birthday came and went….I don’t like to mouth the words of my age as current thinking is this is old and that’s not the message I want to send to my body. Contrary to popular belief, I believe we have a significant degree of control over the cells of our body and the ageing process too, something I have felt instinctively for as long as I can remember.

In my world at least, I have the ability to manifest long life, good health and ‘youthing’ rather than ageing. Unconventional, I know.


Pics: Enjoying a brief moment of sunshine; Talisman at work; Miss Trouble (yes, butter wouldn’t melt); taking off in the wind; dressed for the weather; Lomax 2 and Bryn Gywn in his rightful place!

NB. Micro blogs and photos are published on Facebook daily, if you would like to keep up with my life and times between blogs which are published several times a month. Videos are also available on my YouTube channel (some though not all are on the Vlogs page here). Since my last blog I have published the following new videos: Rituals; Jumping for Joy; Tigger Take 2; Landscape of the Soul; Rome wasn’t built in a day; Running Wild (trailer). You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive notifications of videos when they are published. 


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