Here are a few lines reflecting on my own metamorphosis (especially since moving to the wilds of Wales) – I wrote it as a poem to usher in 2018:

1Only one thing is certain

And that is – life will change.

Ups, downs and challenges

Will bring the full range.


It’s never easy,

We often feel queasy

At losing what we know.






But shaking foundations

Evaluates aspirations,

And desiring something more

Opens the door.


It takes courage and tenacity

Plus some vivacity

To reinvent your life,

Free from drama and strife.

3Challenges remain

But attitude’s not the same.

Because having the courage to evolve

Enables life’s puzzles to be solved.


42018 is a new start,

Fresh impetus, so take heart.

Be true to yourself and all those around,

Your animals will tell you if you’re not being profound!


We are all unique,

Magnificent too,

When at our best….

And that’s the test.


So how much of the time

Can you be divine?

Find joy in what you do

Be an inspiration, the real you?!





Pics: ‘Metamorphosis’ including glam’ shots taken around 2002 when I was running my London business; filming Edward Gal and Totilas for Horse Hero and another shoot. Me now!

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