The path to freedom

It’s finally stopped snowing, the gale has ceased and the sun is shining making the snow sparkle brilliantly. I can breathe again. Better still, I have dug a ‘path to freedom’ for the horses.


AfterMy original plan was to get the small tractor out and create a set of tram lines down the yard and up the woodchip track to the turnout arena. Pretty resourceful in the circumstances, I thought and would save wielding a shovel. But having got the bottom of the yard (downhill obviously) and turned upwards towards the track, the little tractor hit a snowdrift and ground to a halt. Bugger!

The snow was three foot deep at that point and I had chosen tyres that didn’t have the biggest treads to avoid cutting up my ground too much, so it probably wasn’t surprising. Nice try! Getting it back up the yard to the garage was another matter and that took some doing. I didn’t think I was going to make it but at least it provided entertainment for the horses!

Determined to get the Talisman and Pip out today after being stable-bound yesterday, I reluctantly picked up the shovel and dug deep into the snow which was 18 ins to 3 feet as I got further up the hill. Thank God I am fit and relatively injury free – on that note, I had to resort to skipping between two beams in my sitting room yesterday! It was worth the effort though. The horses were so happy to be out in the sunshine and played in the powder snow before tucking into their hay. Another track was required to get to the muck heap, followed by a walk up and down the 500m drive to give the feral cats a super-highway to get out and about on cat business! I deserved my coffee and cake afterwards.



Clearly with this amount of snow, it’s going to be a while before I can do any riding or get out to town for more provisions. It was minus 12 last night but the snow is melting in the sun now and huge thuds are periodically startling all of us as snow falls off the many rooves. One lot just landed outside the tack room door, so I will have to dig my way in there later on. Better not put the shovel away!


Pics: The woodchip track early this morning; the path to freedom; deep snow in the arena; happy horses in the sunshine; Pip comes over for a carrot!


3 thoughts on “The path to freedom

  1. Oh my you did get a lot. A snow blower would work well for the paths. It’s amazing what we will do to get the horses out! Make sure you don’t park any vehicles near the buildings, else they will get buried by the falling snow. Happened to my car once when the snow flew off an arena roof.


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