Digging deep

I am officially snowed in and the animals and I are reduced to ‘survival’ mode. Yesterday while the snow increased I was, at least, able to dig pathways and get the horses into the turnout arena for most of the day, though the walker was out of bounds. Today, nothing is do-able. I have never seen so much snow in my whole life, except on a skiing holiday and that’s the only thing my land would be suitable for at the moment. I pity the sheep in the surrounding fields and the farmers who are trying to keep them alive.


The salting I did last night was useless and there is absolutely no point in trying to dig paths today as the snow blizzard is relentless. There is even snow inside the yard buildings, seeping in through gaps in the roof and under the doors. I mucked out and struggled to the muck heap – I had to guess where to dump the barrow load. I then put Pip in with Talisman and both are eating haynets listening to classical music. Thankfully, I decided to move Talisman to the stable adjoining the solarium at the bottom of the yard last night, opposite Pip, so it would be easier to get him out straight onto the woodchip track to the turnout arena……wishful thinking! But his stable is just about big enough for two during the day, so they have company. Talisman will have the massage rug on later and a groom under the solarium to break up his day. He quite likes his new ‘weekend’ residence.


I had the foresight to get more oil and wood in recently and drove at 20 mph to town yesterday to stock up on food (mainly for the cats) on dodgy unsalted roads, thinking that might be the last chance for a while. This is one of the few moments I feel isolated. Fingers crossed everything continues to work inside the house and outside.


I will do some training if I can get to the garage to use the static bike. That’s something at least. But I am doing a number on myself to stay upbeat. I have always managed before with life’s challenges and I know I always will. I feel there is an invisible helping hand out there to call upon and I know, at a spiritual level, I am never alone. It’s a question of digging deep, both outside and within! At this moment, I am having a quiet word with Mother Nature and asking her to be kind to us….


Otherwise, it’s a question of distraction. So I might do the unthinkable and cuddle up with Bryngwyn (who is not a fan of snow) and watch a movie later!




Pics: Yesterday: Talisman kicking off in the turnout arena; redundant walker; Pip chomping on a haynet; icicles on the barn roof. Today: the wheel, the yard and Talisman in his new stable.


8 thoughts on “Digging deep

  1. I know the weather in Britain is not normally so extreme. In Ontario, Canada what you have is normal in the winter here. The horses enjoy the snow. For us the work is harder for sure, until paths are made and the roads cleared. Mostly concerned about water pipes freezing in the barns. The upside is there is no mud! Stay warm. I love what you have there. Once you get through it you will wonder what the fuss was about.


  2. Thanks for that Lesley. I have been communicating with a compatriot of yours about snow blowers and other ‘survival’ tools as we are just not prepared for this. It’s still snowing, getting deeper and deeper and minus 12 forecast for tonight. This is one of the worst affected areas in the UK. Must sound ridiculous to you as I know you endure up to minus 30 at times!


  3. I live in the more southern part of the province so -30C is usually attributed to wind chill on the worst days. I admit -12C is cold enough and I don’t ride when it reaches that during the day. Not as tough as I once was, but when the snow is the right depth it is quite fun to ride in. A snow blower is good. May you have an early spring!


  4. I feel for you Fiona, we just had our first snow in the Toronto area not as bad as yours though. Snow pads for the horses feet work a treat. Hope it clears up soon for you all.


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