Timing is everything

blog1Is patience another word for timing……..

I don’t know if it’s just me, or human nature but I don’t like transitions. I am an ‘all or nothing’ person. If I decide to make an important change in my life, I would rather change completely, ie. end one thing and start another! But life isn’t like that and patience is required during the more usual transition between things. Or is patience another word for timing because a healthy regard (or disregard) for timing is a huge factor in the success of a change, as I have found out many times in the past, occasionally to my cost.

And so it was for this website Rewilding In Wales. I sprouted the seed of the idea over a year ago when I began having the sense that I was a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ of my own life, watching the things I did, some of which seemed radical even to me, as I acclimatised to my new semi-feral existence. There were funny moments, exasperating ones and strange ones while I tried to give the old farmstead a new lease of life, deal with the animals and reconcile myself to the dramatic Welsh weather. I thought videos and blogs should be included in any website, food (an integral part of post-Waitrose life) as well as insights into my metamorphosis and re-connection to ‘all things’ – which also led me to think I would also like to offer mentoring again, something I used to do several professional incarnations ago, in London. Next question, what would I call this new proposition?

Blog-2As synchronisity would have it, I stumbled across an article on the theme of ‘rewilding’ – in the sense that the modern world has taken us to an extreme place and some people were starting to look for greater simplicity in life and a deeper connection with themselves and nature. Epiphany moment – that was me! Of course, you don’t have to go feral to rewild (the catalyst for me was the horses) – it’s more about a quest for personal authenticity. So now, I had the title, ‘Rewilding In Wales’!

But I was still flat out doing everything I always did – the small matter of daily existence, the horses and my quest to compete internationally with Talisman plus I had a full time commitment to the video equestrian website Horse Hero. So, finding non-existent extra time to investigate the best way of bringing my new personal website into reality was slow and frustrating. The landmark became my birthday this year and, by some miracle (plus a little help from my friends), the website, my Youtube channel and Facebook page launched pretty close to this (well, in the same month actually).

Since then frustrations have continued, as while I am contributing to FB each day (which is quick) I am still struggling for time to edit the rewilding filming I have done over the last few months and write more substantial blogs for the site. But having sold one horse and scaled back my Horse Hero workload to a bare minimum, there is now light at the end of the tunnel. So, while I reflect on the rather lengthy process of breathing life into Rewilding In Wales I suspect it will be perfect timing in the end, as all major changes needs other things around the edges to line up to support it and make it enduring.

Blog-3Fast forward to today…………one of my mother’s favourite expressions was, ‘a woman’s work is never done’. So, while Talisman basked in the beautiful sun on his day off, I ran, harrowed two fields, topped a third one, cleaned the house (a rare occurrance) baked a cake (a weekly occurance) and was about to go in and have a shower, cook supper, light the fire and work (all the usual things) when, lo and behold, I spotted an unwelcome sight….

There are pheasants on my land which cause damage to my property, spook the horses and generally make a hell of a din as a result of a local shoot, who are difficult to deal with. So I have taken the matter of humanely removing the birds into my own hands. The solution is to trap them and dispatch them to a new home several miles away and hope they never return!

Having learned the art of handling the pheasants from the local bird man (who has featured in a couple of previous blogs), I have become adept and getting a pheasant out of the cage and into a box to transport it (pictures taken when practising under instruction). BUT today, there were two pheasants in the trap. Arggh! After the initial horror, I surpassed my own expectations and successfully transferred both of them to the box and they have now started their new life elsewhere!

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