Happy birthday to me!

I am the sum total of all my experience and don’t need hard evidence to prove it….

When I came out onto the yard this morning, the sun shone down on me which was a treat as the thermometer was only just above zero. I took this as a birthday gesture from ‘mother’ and with a spring in my step (unexpected as yesterday was gruelling and I was knackered), I went about business as usual.

Taz had had a party in his stable with pooh spread everywhere; he’d even managed to miss the bedding completely and pee on the mats. Not a birthday present I had wanted! I finished yard duties, fed the feral cats and came in to tuck into celebratory coffee and cake whilst reflecting on the day before.

Mike ‘the bird man’ had arrived to fit insulation in the loft and while he got cracking on that, I had horrible job to do – one I had been dreading and putting off for months. It involved taking 15 boxes of possessions and archived business paperwork out of the attic which meant trudging down several sets of uneven wooden stairs, ducking under a very low beam as I went, through the house and across to the Granary on the other side of the yard – oh and it was pouring with rain! Just as well I hadn’t planned any training on top of this!

Despite working outside and being grubby most of the time, I am a firm believer in ‘the dirt stays outside’. I don’t have any outdoor shoes or smelly yard clothes inside, so it was an anathema to have to walk through the house in outdoor shoes with boxes that had been infiltrated by mice, evidenced by all the droppings in my photo albums and business records! On the plus side, I am thrilled with the insulation – it has taken the edge off the bone-chilling cold upstairs (I don’t use central heating as I  have wood burners and a Rayburn downstairs where I spend most of the time). I then spent the evening doing a ‘mad woman’ impression cleaning, hoovering then washing the floors throughout. The finale was skating around on a towel to dry the floors afterwards.

This led me to ponder the rationale of having personal possessions in the loft – I decided it’s a bad idea! Having moved so many times in my life I travel light, frequently giving away possessions I don’t use or wear any more. I am definitely not a hoarder. However, apart from business records which must be kept for a number of years, there were a surprisingly large number of boxes of photo albums, books and old letters (yes, before the days of email) and framed pictures of family, friends and animals – all from a time in my life I can hardly even remember now!

The conclusion I reached is that I am the sum total of all of that, it’s part of me and I don’t need the hard evidence. I will have a last look at the contents of the boxes and probably bin or burn most of it. Chances are, if you put personal possessions in the attic, you will never look at them again. I will be travelling lighter in the future!

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