A question of survival

“I felt as turbulent as the storm and found myself thoroughly questioning my rewilding life”……


I so very nearly lost the plot! It was the day from hell with extremities of Welsh weather including ice, snow storms and an arctic wind which made it crazy trying to do the horses. ‘Survival’ was the name of the game. I felt as turbulent as the storm and honestly did wonder, more than once, what the hell I was doing rewilding in Wales? For the first time in a long time, it seemed that perhaps it was all too much. Maybe Friday 13th had something to do with it?

Everything was testing – making the yard safe to get the horses out, the same getting them in, mucking out in a blizzard ….and the good old field shelter (subject of the video ‘Altercation with Field Shelter’) which seems to have a life of its own. Unbelievably, it had done a gymnastic leap over the fence (which is now demolished) and landed the correct way up, with just a few bits of guttering missing, in the field next door – not a skid mark in sight! Erecting temporary fencing in a gale was the next challenge. Of course, all this made me very late getting back to my desk and I completely forgot about an important conference call I had arranged later in the morning which was embarrassing!


Finally, by the evening when the wind had dropped, I looked up and the sky was smiling at me. The sunset and the snow were beautiful. Annoyed with myself for losing the plot, I asked for an insight into why this had happened. “It’s so you know what it’s like to be balanced again” came the response in my head. “It sharpens you and makes it clearer what you are aiming for.” Good point! My personal blizzard was over. With supper in the oven, the wood burner lit and the cat snoring by the Rayburn, the re-boot was complete!

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