Rewilding in Wales

Join me on my adventure into another way of living!

The story…

Entrepreneur and sportswoman Fiona Price eschews the business world and sophistication of modern life to live remotely in Wales. She shares her quest for happiness and a better life through vlogs and blogs, while video musings reflect a growing spiritual awareness. She also mentors others when she is not up to her armpits in mud or horse pooh!

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Latest Vlog - Heavenly Welsh landscape

One perfect summer's evening, I set off to meet a friend for supper at a village in a hidden valley some 30 minutes away. Having not been there before, I was relying on sat nav and, as a back-up, a good old fashioned map. The former failed on account of limited signal and the latter wasn't much use with a multitude of tiny ambiguous lanes. Signposts were few and far between and various country hazards played their part too. I got there in the end despite several 'errors of course'. However, the scenery was utterly spectacular and I wanted to share it with you. So come drive with me on an abridged version of my journey....

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