Rewilding in Wales

Join me on my adventure into another way of living!

The story…

Entrepreneur and sportswoman Fiona Price eschews the business world and sophistication of modern life to live remotely in Wales. She shares her quest for happiness and a better life through vlogs, blogs, pictures and musings, and mentors others when she is not up to her armpits in mud or horse pooh!

Latest Vlog - Skipadeedoodah!

I am a big fan of skipping which is one of my core fitness sessions each week. It works the heart, lungs and muscles - especially the core which is great for riding. However, it requires a surprising amount of co-ordination and technique which I explain in this session. I had planned to do 1600 skips but due to a miscount (I never was very good at maths), I added another 300 just for good measure!

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