Rewilding in Wales

Join me on my adventure into another way of living!

The story…

 Entrepreneur and sportswoman Fiona Price eschews the business world and sophistication of modern life to live remotely in Wales, closer to all things natural. She shares her quest for happiness and a better life through blogs, videos and podcasts. “Animals, life and times, mother nature, the wild Welsh weather and a growing sense of spirituality all feature in my story which is frequently challenging, often amusing and invariably insightful” says Fiona, who also mentors others when she is not up to her armpits in mud or horse pooh! She adds “the ultimate relationship is the one with yourself and living in the wilds of Wales has allowed me to really focus on this and put it into words.”

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Featured Vlog - Affirmations and how to change your life

I have been using affirmations since I was a teenager, for just about everything in my life – affirmations for my health and well-being and to create the life I want. They are an extremely effective tool for personal transformation as they replace the old, unhelpful thoughts and beliefs that keep us ‘stuck’ in repeating experiences with new new ones which enable us to be, have and do what we truly want. I share examples of what’s worked for me, explain how to create effective affirmations and also provide an explanation as to why they work. Powerful stuff!

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